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How To Get Felwinter’s Lie In Destiny 2?

A quest that unites the Destiny 2 community

Felwinter’s Lie is a sub-quest in Destiny 2: The Lie. This quest will be available from late March 2020. Destiny 2 will allow you to play this quest till the end of the Season of The Worthy. Note that this quest will not be easy at all unless you have the correct guidance. The Lie is a community quest that you cannot complete alone.

At the end of this quest, you will also receive the Felwinter’s Lie shotgun as a reward. It may take you several days until you figure out how to pass the Felwinter’s Lie. But with this guide, you will clear it in one shot.

How to get Felwinter’s Lie?

Here is a step by step guide to unlocking the Felwinter’s Lie in Destiny 2 –

The Community event

You cannot progress in this quest unless the whole Destiny community 2 works together. A total of 3 million missions have to be completed in this step. EDZ Seraph Tower, Io, and Moon events have to be finished.

Luckily, the points are counted for every individual player participating in the missions. This way, gamers can ensure that this event finishes fast. Destiny 2 gamers community packs a powerful punch. Knowing them, this event will not last more than a few days. You are now one step closer to getting the Felwinter’s Lie.

Reach Vostok


The next step in this quest is to reach Vostok. Track the energy signatures there using the crucible. You will find 3 items in your quests, scan them to get enter them in your inventory. How to find these items? Here you have it –

  • You will find 1 right next to where you are standing at the entry of Vostok.
  • The second item will be at the C control point.
  • The last item is at the side entrance of the cave, near the B control point.

Upon scanning all the three items, you can move on to the next step of the Felwinter’s Lie quest.

Earn 1,000 Kills using Shotgun

You were definitely misguided if you felt that you will get through Felwinter’s Lie without a fight. You now need to get at least 1,000 Shotgun kills in either PVP or PVE game modes. The best way to do this much faster is to go for Blind Well, Shuro Chi, or the Escalation Protocol missions.

These will get you a high number of low ranking enemies localized in the same area. This will ensure maximum kills in the least amount of time. You are now in the last stages of The Lie quest. Takeoff to the Moon for the final showdown.

Reach Rasputin on the Moon


Here is the deal – Destiny 2 has not revealed the final stages of the Felwinter’s Lie quest yet. You have now reached Rasputin, the starting point of the quest. All you do now, is wait for further updates from the game developers.

Don’t be disheartened as you have passed the major chunk of the Lie quest. All you need to do now is sit back and relax. You can also get some small side missions completed on the Moon while you are idling there.

Bungie, the developers of the game have managed to unite the whole Destiny 2 community with this Felwinter’s Lie Quest. It is only soon when we will be hearing from them about the last stage of this quest. The stakes are high and the missions are stressful but with the correct guidance you can easily ace the Lie quest in a single shot. To know more about the game, read our Destiny 2 guides.