How To Play Destiny 2 Dead Cliffs Map – Location Guide

Find out how to play the Destiny 2 Dead Cliffs map.

The Dead Cliffs is a PvP map in Destiny 2. This map was launched in the initial release of the game itself. It falls under the Crucible maps category in Destiny 2. Dead Cliffs is placed in the EDZ zone on planet Earth in the game. Dead Cliffs has three different match types available: Survival, Clash, and Control. There are a total of 12 locations in the Dead Cliffs map that you need to know about. In this guide, we tell you how to play and conquer the Dead Cliffs map in Destiny 2.

How To Play Dead Cliffs Map in Destiny 2

Destiny 2 Dead Cliffs Map Guide
Beware of snipers in the Dead Cliffs map.

There are 12 locations in the Dead Cliffs map. They are as follows:


This is the largest area on the map. This location consists of both open ground and cover areas. You should stay alert as you might fall off an edge which will result in death. This location also has a capture point during the Control mode. In Clash mode, it has a Power Ammo spawn point.


The Console is an area that is located within the Mill. It is located on higher ground and proves to be a good vantage point. This area is also feasible if you decide to rush and flank enemies.


This is an open area with a small cover area in the center. Trucks provides access to Lockers, Depot, and Ivy. It is also a Power Ammo spawn point in Control mode.


As the name suggests, Lockers is an interior area. However, the cover is pretty limited in this area. Your only attack will be to go all out in this zone. It also provides good viewpoints into Trucks and Depot which allows for sniping. Lockers also acts as one of the Team spawn points.


Ivy is located in the center of the map. It is very important from a strategic point of view as it is a capture point in Survival mode.


Depot is another strategic area with multiple floors. This area has a total of 4 entry points making it difficult to guard. It is a spawn point for Power Ammo in Clash and is a capture point in control mode.


Rubble is another open area in the Dead Cliffs map. This makes it a sniper’s favorite. However, it is also a Power Ammo spawn point in Survival mode.


Catwalk is a very important area in Dead Cliffs. This region sees a lot of movement. It also is one of the most dangerous locations as it is easy to fall off, which will result in death. This area has a lot of blind corners making it perfect to ambush a pursuing enemy.


Pipes is also an open area with one small cover region. It is a hotspot for sniper activity and just like Catwalk it has dangerously low railings which will result in death if you go over them.


Hall is an interior area. This doesn’t have levels as it is relatively smaller in size with a low roof. It acts as a central area between Catwalk, Mill, and Pipes.


Garage is a small area but one of the most important areas on the map. It can act as a stronghold that is easy to defend. It also is the only entry point for the Back. Garage acts as a spawn point for Power Ammo in Clash and is a Capture Point in Control.


Try not to get caught in this region as it has only one entry/exit point. However, it can also serve to your benefit as an ambush area.

This is the complete Map guide for the Dead Cliffs in Destiny 2. While you are here you can have a look at how to fix the Coup De Grace bug as well as how to get the Cloudstrike.