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Destiny 2 Brings DBZ Fusion Dance As An Emote


Of all the customizations in multiplayer games and whatnot, it seems that Destiny 2 has pulled off a great innovation with bringing the Fusion dance emote to the game popularized by the Dragon Ball Z anime.

All you need for this emote to work is a buddy who is as enthusiastic about Destiny 2 as you are, and that is all. The emote does not work as perfectly as shown in the anime series but it is a fun call back to one of the most popular series.


We’ve all seen Goku and Vegeta do it a million times and then Trunks and Gohan which brings the best out of both of them. But in Destiny’s case, this does not happen instead of you just see two players just do childish things which is great.

We’re hoping since this small emote made its way to the game what more can the developers of Destiny 2 bring to the game which will make it fun, there is no need for the game to take things too seriously and maybe we will get to see more anime things in the game pretty soon.

This fusion dance emote is titled Link Up in Destiny 2 and you can purchase it for about 800 silver, which would’ve been nicer if they had made any plans to earn this emote with Bright Dust as well.