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Destiny 2 Beyond Light New Expansion Announced

As promised last week, a telecast took place recently where Bungie showed us some of the news that is on the way to Destiny 2. There the first chapter of the future of this FPS experience was revealed. This is Beyond Light, a new expansion.

The first part of the Bungie broadcast was focused on Beyond Light, the next expansion for Destiny 2. This is a new chapter that will transport us to Europe to fight the Pyramid threat.

One of the details that many veteran Guardians will know is that Exo Stranger will be back in the Destiny world as part of Beyond Light. In case you don’t know her, she is an Exo with unknown intentions, but shows a lot of interest in the players’ characters.

Below you can see the first trailer of Beyond Light:

When Bungie announced that it would be making this broadcast, the company made it clear that it would be an expansion where it would discuss the future of Destiny 2. The above does not only apply to Beyond Light, since they also have many other plans for the game.

The development studio announced that they are already working on 2 new expansions for their FPS. This is The Witch Queen, which will arrive in 2021 and Lightfall, which is scheduled for 2022. As you can imagine, it is still too early for Bungie to share details about this content with us.

An important point is that the content that reaches the Destiny Content Vault will not disappear forever. In fact, Bungie wants content to be cyclically rotating, and it also wants to improve content released years ago. The above opens the door for content left behind in Destiny to return to Destiny 2 with settings.

Destiny 2 is available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and Google Stadia. Beyond Light will be available from September 22 on all platforms Destiny 2 is available on.