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Desperados 3 Release Date Confirmed, Coming To PC, PS4 & Xbox One

THQ Nordic and Mimimi Productions have finally announced the release date of Desperados 3. The tactical strategy game developed by Mimimi Games (Shadow Tactics) has been created taking into account the first installment of the series, Desperados: Wanted Dead or Alive, released in 2001 by the studio Spellbound.

It will be on June 16 when Desperados 3 will hit stores for Xbox One, PC and PlayStation 4, with the right to two different versions (Normal edition that will cost $59.99 and a Collector’s edition that will cost €109.99/$109.99/£99.99 for PC and €119.99/$119.99/£109.99 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One)

Desperados 3 is a tactical game, focused on a narrative that takes you to the Wild West. In this title, you’ll find John Cooper who will team up with several intriguing characters to try to get redemption. Mimimi will allow you to play with 5 different characters, each with their own specific skills, to enjoy great freedom in approaching any obstacle.

Cooper is just one of five outlaws we’ll control in a strategy title. Players will have the freedom to overcome the obstacles presented in different ways. Cooper will be accompanied by Hector (who carries a bear trap and an ax), McCoy (who uses gas, poison, and long-range pistols), Kate (who “can fool almost any man with the right outfit,” according to the official website) and Isabelle, a mysterious woman from New Orleans.

Desperados 3 also promises several places inspired by the Wild West, not only remote cities in the middle of the desert but also more modern ones and even swamps, being possible to prepare lethal, sneak and non-lethal attacks.

In the title, you’ll have to be smart and think hard about what you’re going to do, otherwise, the Wild West may be stronger than Cooper. In addition, there will be a Showdown mode that will allow you to pause the game and react to surprise attacks and ambushes.