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How To Get The Desert Eagle In Far Cry 6 – Best Build For The Desert Eagle

Want a sidearm that can on tap? Then read this guide to get the Desert Eagle in Far Cry 6.

Want a Cannon that can obliterate everything that moves? Then my friend, the Desert Eagle is for you. This beast of a Sidearm will silence any enemy in your path. Grenade Launchers? Rocket Launchers? Who needs them when you can make a firework show with the Desert Eagle in Far Cry 6. Today I will show you how to get the Desert Eagle in Far Cry 6.

How to get the Desert Eagle in Far Cry 6

desert eagle in far cry 6

The Desert Eagle is an unlockable weapon obtained from the Side-Quest THE LAST ONE TO LEAVE. In this mission, you will have to Turn on three switches scattered around the area. The mission is located at the NorthWest coast of Esperanza, the capital of Yara. Since this is a Side-Quest, you do not have to engage or kill enemies.

First off, you will need to read a note that is in an orange case. There will be a Purple Diamond on it, indicating its position. At the building you are at, there will be three wires going in different locations. The first one being in a blue house close to the shore, it has Libertad graffitied near the door. When you enter the house there will be an opening where you will have to crouch and get in. Upon following the corridor you will find the switch, turn it on. The next one is on top of a tower with a water tank on it. There is a blue cloth hanging on the side of it. You can get there by climbing up the surrounding building’s rooftops. The last of three is a bit tricky to get in Far Cry 6.

Finding the Secret Room in the Last One To Leave Quest

last one to leave

The third switch is in a Mint color house. In the house, you will have to find a Radio and turn it on. After that you will have to find the TV in the same house and turn it on as well, crouching near it will make it easier to do. And finally, you will have to find a Picture of a house on the beachside. This will be hung on a wall in the same room, you will have to turn it in. Performing these tasks in this order will open up a secret door and the final switch is in that room.

Once you do turn on the three switches you will have to go back to the building that you had got the note from. The door will be unlocked and you will find a Red Chest in it. Looting it will give you the infamous Desert Eagle.

The best build for the Desert Eagle

The Desert Eagle itself is an amazing gun but with Mod Attachments it can be broken. Below is the list of the best build for the Desert Eagle in Far Cry 6.


This will beef up your Desert Eagle a lot. You will turn enemies into a puff of smoke with this build.

If you want a visual aid, then check out our Youtube Video on How To Get The Desert Eagle and also check out our Channel: Gamer Tweak.

This was all about finding the Desert Eagle in Far Cry 6. Hopefully, this helped get this Pistol. you can also check our other guides on Getting Industrial Circuits and Getting The Discos Locos in Far Cry 6.