DOTA 2: How To Deny Creeps

In this guide, you'll learn how to deny creeps in DOTA 2.

Do you want to Deny Gold & XP to your enemies in DOTA 2? Then you must Deny them your Creeps. Once you do that you’ve got your gold and lane saved. This is an important mechanic in DOTA 2 and learning it is crucial. To help you out, we’ve crafted this guide to help you learn how to deny creeps in DOTA 2.

How to Deny Creeps in DOTA 2

deny creeps dota 2

To deny in Dota 2, all you have to do is hold A and left-click your mouse button to perform it on your ally creeps. This will deal damage to your allies. These are default settings from the game. However, you can always change it to a setting and key-bind that suits you better. Ensure you deny your creeps before the enemy does, that’s the most basic and probably the only merit to a deny. You need to judge the situation right though. Remember deny only works on allied lane creeps. Furthermore, they need to be below 50% health for it to take effect. Try out a strategy that deals damage to an ally to calculatedly cast a deny right at the final moment. This has a double reward by you getting a deny as well as an enemy last hit.

Why Should I Deny Creeps?

Once you’ve successfully mastered the mechanics of the game and understood it properly, you’ll come to learn of the many benefits denying has. Here’s why you should Deny Creeps in DOTA 2.

  • Removes 75% of XP points the enemies would receive.
  • Rewards You 25% of the saved XP.
  • Clears out and sustains a Lane, thereby making it less risky.
  • Prevents enemies from getting gold

That’s pretty much all there is to know about the advantages and disadvantages. A few reports have indicated that locking your camera in DOTA 2 helps better in denying creeps. Why not try it out in-game and see if it works for you? Don’t forget to keep an eye on what the latest DOTA 2 updates are for the best outcome!