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Demon’s Souls Remake Won’t Support Ray Tracing

Bad news on the way for anyone who couldn’t wait to get their hands on the Demon’s Souls remake, as the game will not support ray tracing.


According to what emerged from a recent interview by Gavin Moore (creative director of the game and member of SIE Japan Studio) in an interview to Level Up, the new title of Bluepoint Games, Demon’s Souls Remake, will not support ray tracing, although the Japanese giant has repeatedly argued otherwise.

That’s why the development team has decided not to implement this feature. In that sense, Moore stated the following in the interview:

It’s like any other graphic improvement, there is a cost [to implement raytracing]. If we had implemented ray tracing in the game, that would mean that we would have had to leave something out. There is a limited time in game development.

When we started development we didn’t know there would be ray tracing in the game, so it wasn’t in our original vision. What we wanted to focus on was the settings and the look of the characters. Everything is lighting in real-time with shadows in real-time.

Waiting to get your hands on the work by Bluepoint Games and on the next generation console of the Japanese giant, we remind you that PlayStation 5 will be available for purchase on November 19, 2020, worldwide at the price of $499 respectively, and $399 for PS5 Digital Edition.