Demon’s Souls Remake Could Be A PS5 Launch Title, Journalist Hints

Some rumors speak of an upcoming release of Demon’s Souls Remake for Sony’s PS5 after the game in South Korea got rated recently.

According to reports, it is likely that one of the launch titles for the new generation PlayStation 5 console will be Demon’s Souls Remake prepared by Bluepoint Games studio. Where did such reports come from? It turns out that the game has already been rated by a rating agency in South Korea – which in most cases means its slow release.

And as if that was not enough, the reports were somewhat confirmed by one of the journalists, Imran Khan, who admitted on his Twitter profile that Demon’s Souls Remake was supposed to be on the list of launch titles on PS5 from the beginning.

Of course, remember that this is still only unofficial and nowhere confirmed information, which should, therefore, be treated as mere rumors. Let us remind you that Demon’s Souls Remake was announced in June this year in a thoroughly refreshed version.

Sometime later, we also learned that the game will run on next-generation consoles in two different modes, the first of which will provide the best possible visuals, and the second will focus on performance.

Sony had already held a State of Play earlier this month, but there was also a talk earlier that there would be another digital event in late August, so we’re curious to see when we can hear more about the PlayStation 5 games – including the Demon’s Souls Remake.