Demon’s Souls Remake Will Be A PS5 Exculsive, Says Sony

Sony says that Demon's Souls Remake will be exclusively for PS5 and not be available on PC.

During Sony’s showcase event on Wednesday, they revealed a new gameplay trailer of the next-gen game Demon’s Souls Remake. Next-gen because the game will be available on PS5 consoles. The game is a total remake of the FromSoftware’s Demon’s Souls.

The Demon’s Souls Remake’s gameplay trailer looks amazing and reveals a new boss, Vanguard. It is going to be the first major challenge in the game. The game has built upon the original Demon’s Souls and provides a whole new set of attacks to the character and bosses. It looks promising and should live up to the expectations of fans. You can have a look at the Demon’s Souls Remake gameplay trailer below.

The trailer also had a big reveal for the PC gamers. At the very end of the trailer, there was a tiny text shown saying, “Also available on PC.” However, to the disappointment of PC players, Sony has now updated that the text was a part of human error and Demon’s Souls Remake is going to be exclusively available only for PS5.

Sony has also retracted the original trailer to avoid confusion. The Demon’s Souls Remake is set to be available at $69.99 on the console from the release of PS5, which is scheduled to be released on 12th November 2020 at $499.

There are no words out yet about whether Demon’s Souls Remake will be out for PC later or it is going to be a lifetime exclusive for PS5. Hopefully, it might come to PC just like some of the other games such as Death Stranding, which was initially exclusive for PS4 but later on was available on PC as well.