Demonfall: Insect Breathing Guide

Here's how to get Insect Breathing in Demonfall.

In Demonfall, Insect Breathing is a new breathing technique. The perks you get are so awesome we had to count it among the top tiers in our Demon Fall Breathing Tier List. So if you are wondering how to get this technique easily, then here’s our guide on how to get Insect Breathing in Demonfall.

How to Get Insect Breathing Demon Fall?

how to get insect breathing demon fall

To get Insect Breathing in Demonfall, you need to buy it for 10,000 Yen from the Insect Trainer Shinobu. To find her, go to Demon Slayer Corps. Shinobu may be seen sitting on the tavern’s roof, adjacent to Usso’s house. When you purchase the Insect Breathing from her, you will receive a sword as well. This weapon is only available to those that utilize Insect Breathing.

Demonfall Map

If you are not sure about the location then use the below maps to get around the world. In Roblox Demonfall, there is no in-game map, but ocodastrevastrevosa in Demonfall Trello developed their own to help users explore the realm.

Roblox Demonfall Map
Image Courtesy: ocodastrevastrevosa in Demonfall Trello

Insect Breathing Moves Demon Fall

The Insect Breathing Style presently has just four movements. With or without Kendo Mastery, you gain 6 M1s after learning the Breathing and receiving the sword. The Kocho family does not offer any kind of breathing perks. The 4 moves are:

First Form: Dance of the Butterfly

  • Leap into the air and land with a blow behind your opponent.

Second Form: Dance of the Dragonfly

  • Thrust your blade forward numerous times quickly.

Fourth Form: Dance of the Centipede

  • To elude enemies, transform into a cloud of butterflies.

Sixth Form: Dance of the Spider

  • Leap forward and push your opponent.

Insect Breathing Sword

The Insect Breathing sword sports a flower-like handguard with a red and green handle. This blade is more powerful than any Nichirin you presently own. You may also do several m1 and m2 animations with this sword. Because the three rapid attacks tally, the m1 combination will automatically become a 6-hit combo. The m1 combo deals 30 damage in total. These animations appear to be rapid stab attacks. Kendo Mastery has no effect on these animations and does not grant another M1 hit.

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