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Demon Turf Looks Like A Charming Platformer Dream Game

Demon Turf has been the most promising game reveal during IGNs Summer of Gaming. This platformer looks charmingly perfect that it captures the aesthetics of the game in such a way with the blend of 2D and 3D environment giving it a unique look.

Demon Turf looks like two different art styles combining together giving it a unique look and hopefully, this innovation goes throughout the game. The simplicity of Demon Turf’s look is married with an amazing 3D world that keeps on giving the game depth.

The character reacts and brings new demons to suit the world they’re in and this looks like all of your favorite 2D games being combined into one single character and being able to pull it off.

It is without a doubt that Demon Turf is an experiment but the developers at Fabraz look like they’ve got it perfect with everything including level design and gameplay.

You can also check out the gameplay of the game with developer commentary to get a more idea as to what this game aims to bring to the genre.

There is optimism in the game and it looks like this Xbox and PC exclusive game will steal hearts and become a real contender to be the best game of the platformer genre in the coming days.

On PC Demon Turf will exclusively be available on Epic Game Store without any announcement of a future release on steam or not.

We look forwards to the release of Demon Turf and it looks like a title with a lot of heart in it.