Demon Slayer Legacy Power Tier List (October 2023)

Unable to choose the perfect power in Demon Slayer Legacy? This Tier List ranks all Breathing Styles & Demon Arts to help you out.

Here is our Demon Slayer Legacy Power Tier List, where we have ranked the best Breathing Styles & Demon Arts in the game. There is a lot you can do considering the max level cap in this game is 1900. With that high a level to achieve, a lot of the players want to have the most powerful character. And the styles you choose will heavily impact it.

Demon Slayer Legacy Power Tier List

Demon Slayer Legacy Power Tier List

Since there are two different powers in the game here are two separate lists ranking them both:

Best Breathing Styles in Demon Slayer Legacy Tier List

S Tier

  • Thunder Breathing
  • Mist Breathing
  • Beast Breathing

A Tier

  • Serpent Breathing
  • Flower Breathing
  • Water Breathing

B Tier

  • Flame Breathing
  • Wind Breathing

C Tier

  • Love Breathing

D Tier

  • Sound Breathing
  • Insect Breathing

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S Tier Breathing Explained

Thunder Breathing

thunder breathing style demon slayer legacy tier list

Players looking to play aggressively should love this breathing style. Using Thunder Breathing, you can stun your enemies for 2 seconds with your attacks. You also get skills like Thunderclap and Flash Eightfold, which make you fly in the air and then directly land at your target dealing a lot of damage. Then you are also covered on mobility with moves like Godspeed and have a range with Rice Spirit.

Mist Breathing

mist breathing

Starting with this style’s passive, it gives you a 50% chance to disappear for 2.25 seconds. It triggers each time you use a move. You also get useful abilities like Scattering Mist Splash which does a lot of AoE damage, Sea of Clouds and Haze which lets you dash forward multiple times to attack & disappear, and more.

Beast Breathing

beast breathing

This is a high-risk high-reward breathing style thanks to its passive, which lets you deal more damage the lower you are on health. And almost all the abilities this style offers are very strong like Slice, Devour, Carzy Cutting, & more.

Best Demon Arts Tier List for Demon Slayer Legacy

S Tier

  • Nezuko
  • Hantengu

A Tier

  • Daki
  • Gyokko

B Tier

  • Yahaba
  • Enmu

C Tier

  • Spider

D Tier

  • Swamp
  • Susamaru

S Tier Demon Arts Explained


Nezuko demon arts demon slayer legacy tier list

Nezuko is a mythical demon art in the game. But there is a good reason it is this rare. With it’s Exploding Blood ability you can heal yourself by a crazy amount. Then you also have moves like Hellfire and Demon Blaze that can absolutely destroy your opponents.


hantengu demon arts

Another mythical demon art in the game is Hantengu. It has plenty of destructive moves like Weeping Spears, Countless Striking Trees, and Crazed Cry of Thunder Death. And if that wasn’t enough you can even fly with it using Urogi’s Flight.

How Demon Slayer Legacy Tiers Work

  • S Tier: These breathing styles and demon arts are the best in the game. They offer you abilities and powers that are unmatched by what other styles have to offer.
  • A Tier: The breathing styles and demon arts listed here are the next best in the game. They aren’t as strong as the ones in the S Tier but in some situations can be equally useful.
  • B Tier: These powers aren’t the best but also aren’t the worst in the game. And are just rightly balanced.
  • C Tier: These styles are not good but you can use them if you have no other options.
  • D Tier: You should avoid using the Breathing Styles & Demon Arts listed in this tier.

That’s it for this tier list of all powers ranked for Demon Slayer Legacy. If you are interested in other similar lists then you should definitely check out our Tier List section. Here we have ranked powers, characters, weapons, and more for other games.