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Defective Wall Explained In Escape From Tarkov

Here's everything you should know about the new Defective Wall feature in Escape from Tarkov.

One of the most recent updates of Escape from Tarkov had players scratching their heads. A new Defective Wall feature has been introduced in the Hideout Menu. If you are one of those players having trouble figuring out what to do with it, then this guide got you covered. Check out this guide that features every known information about the Defective Wall in Escape from Tarkov.


What is a Defective Wall in Escape from Tarkov?

What Is Defective Wall In Escape From Tarkov

Those who are playing Escape from Tarkov may already be aware of the Hideout feature in the Menu. Wherein, players need to install various modules for the sake of their survival. The Defective Wall is another addition to the Hideout that needs to be installed first to be accessed. According to a Reddit User, demond9009, the Defective Wall in Escape from Tarkov is a spot for building a Gym.

It is speculated that the Gym is the space where the player will be able to train their Physical skills like Endurance, Strength, etc. Once you have installed the Defective Wall, you will have to upgrade and dismantle it to progress further. However, upgrading the wall comes in multiple stages that need to be completed.


As you keep on upgrading the Defective Wall, it will begin to open up. After a specific point, the wall will begin to dismantle revealing a door behind it. Before reaching the last stage of the upgrade, you will be able to go past that door and check out the room inside. Also, keep in mind that upgrading the Defective Wall comes with multiple debuffs in Escape from Tarkov.

All Defective Wall Upgrade Stages & Requirements

Stage Requirements Construction Time
1 1x Fleece Fabric Quick
2 1x Fleece Fabric 12 Hours
3 1x Fleece Fabric 24 Hours
4 1x Fleece Fabric & Fierce Blow Sledgehammer 3 Hours
5 1x Fleece Fabric, 1x Metal cutting scissors, & 1x Toolset 3 Hours
6 2x Corrugated hose, 1x Duct tape, 1x Toolset, 1x Pliers Elite, 5x Metal Spare Parts, 1x Xenomorph Sealing Foam, 2x Bundle Of Wires, & 2x Light Bulb 12 Hours

That’s everything covered on the Defective Wall feature in Escape from Tarkov. While you are here, make sure to check out our other Escape from Tarkov guides on Gamer Tweak.