How To Defeat White Eyes In Arcane Odyssey

Looking for a way to completely defeat the fearsome white eyes in Arcane Odyssey? Read our article to know the best way.

Creatures are always scarier underwater. Primarily because they can pop out of nowhere and attack you. White Eyes is one such creature in Roblox Arcane Odyssey that has some players a little perplexed about how to go about actually defeating it. If you are one of such players then here is our simple guide on How to Defeat White Eyes in Arcane Odyssey.

White Eyes 1

How to Defeat White Eyes in Arcane Odyssey

  • Choose a spot that has a lot of ice blocks floating on the ocean floor where you can stand.
  • If you are on a Boat then make sure to stay on the surface of the boat.
  • You can use a Ranged weapon like The Trident and constantly attack White Eyes when you can see a part of its body come closer to the surface.
  • The best way is to chip away at its HP till you can actually kill it.
  • When White eyes is too deep under the water then try to use a ranged attack, most likely Spells that have an AOE.
  • Try to aim at its general vicinity when it’s underwater. That will also count as damage.
  • Alternatively, if you decide to simply jump in and try to fight it, do keep in mind that you should stay near a surface or a boat so that you can get air or heal when needed.
  • White Eyes sometimes do get glitched and get stuck when it is closer to the ice blocks.
  • There is only a 50% chance that you will get the drop of a White Eyes Scale after defeating the White Eyes. You can sell it for 300 Galleons.

What is White Eyes

An Aggressive Sea Creature with a massive HP Bar of 3,000. It can deal nearly 2,000 damage with each snap of its big massive teeth and jaw. Simply put if you are not careful it can easily one-shot you. It is a Behemoth type sea creature and is much larger than the Creature megalodon in Arcane Odyssey. It can easily target Rowbat, Sailboats, Caravel, Ketch, and Frigate.

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