How To Defeat The Surgeon Easily In Othercide

The Surgeon can be impossible to defeat if you haven't planned a few steps in advance. Check out how to defeat him easily

The Surgeon Boss is the first ultimate enemy that you will face in Othercide. If you want to know how to defeat The Surgeon boss in Othercide you can check out our tips on how to do it right here.

How To Defeat The Surgeon In Othercide

All of the bosses in Othercide are difficult and you will need a new strategy for each and every one of them. You get to use your Army of Daughters to take out these bosses, but it is your strategy that will help you get over the line with this boss.

There are a few things that you need to know about The Surgeon in Othercide, for starters, he has health of 7,000 points.

This means that you will need to cause a lot of damage to take him down and will give you a general idea of how strong you are.

There are certain abilities that he will use, like the Giant Scissors. This is a Front-Attack that will deal you with a 500 damage and knock you back.

The ability called Summon Caretaker will summon minibosses, Palliative Care ability will be activated once all the caretaker mini-bosses are dead.

Relentless Therapy is an ability that will cause a 3 hit combo and finally, Group Therapy attack will area of effect damage near The Surgeon.

You will also be able to carry only 3 daughters with you and you will need to select the best ones that you have available to you.

When you start the fight against The Surgeon in Othercide, you will need to wipe off the Caretakers first. This is an important aspect as with them around, they will try to overwhelm you. It is best if you wipe them off early in the game.

This will be the entire first phase of the battle, your primary goal is to take out as many Caretaker as you can.

For the second phase, The Surgeon will bring up many of his abilities, here you have to use your Shieldbearers to absorb most of the attacks.

Every other character needs to make out all the additional enemies at this point, your Blademaster and Soulsinger need to focus on the Caretakers and take them out again quickly.

This entire phase is about how you manage to deal with the enemies yourself and this will give you ease in defeating The Surgeon in Othercide.

Upon defeating the boss, you will get Remembrances and it will help you earn a Daughter that you can use as soon as you reach Level 4.

This is all there is to know about how to defeat The Surgeon in Othercide