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Resident Evil Village: Tips To Defeat Mother Miranda in Shadows of Rose

Mother Miranda is the final boss in RE Village Shadows of Rose and to beat her you will need a strategy or else you cannot withstand her attacks.

Mother Miranda is the final boss in Shadows of Rose DLC, and she is a tough one to beat. She will be using some similar types of attacks in different phases. You have to learn to dodge, absorb incoming projectile, and then hit her hard with everything you have. Make sure you have a shotgun and enough ammo, a perfect headshot can drop her health fast. Check out the tips below on defeating this final boss in RE Village DLC.

Tricks to Beat Mother Miranda in Shadows of Rose?

RE Village Mother Miranda Boss Fight

Being the final boss she will be stronger. You will need to wait for the window to attack, so be ready to dodge. When she reveals herself, dodge the first few attacks. You will have to bring her on the grounds using Rose’s Megamycete attack. That is recharge by absorbing incoming projectiles.

  • Left Joystick + Circle (LS + B) – Dodge Left and Right.
  • L1 (LB) – Absorb incoming projectiles.
  • Left Joy Stick + Circle – Megamycete attack.

At the start use the Left Joystick and Circle to dodge in the left or right direction. She will be flying from the sky straight into you. Then use the Megamycete attack to stun her, it is necessary to protect the attack right below her. Or else it will fail, on successful hit she will land on the ground and will remain stunned for some seconds.

RE Village Mother Miranda Boss Fight

Pull out your shotgun and target only the head. You wl be able to shoot 4 to 5 rounds until she wakes up and continue to attack in the same pattern. Again be ready to execute the Megamycete attack, which summons a giant root from the ground and hits Mother Miranda. In one of the heart attacks you will have to press L1 and absorb the incoming projectile, this will recharge your Megamycete attack.

Dodging is the key movement to winning this battle, or else she will drain out your health faster. After two-three attacks, Mother Miranda will change her attack style. Again you have to just dodge, that’s it. Avoid any other kind of movement or shooting her unless she is stunned and on the ground. By successfully absorbing incoming projectiles you can recharge the special attack and use it against her.

RE Village Mother Miranda Boss Fight

In the last phase, the entire sky will turn red and Mother Miranda will shoot a lot of projectiles. There is no way to escape this, but soon there will be a small cutscene. And the fight continues. Use L + Circle to stop Miranda’s onslaught, which will summon a powerful Megamycete attack. Once again she is stunned and on the ground for the final time.

Walk near and press R1 to defeat Mother Miranda. That’s it the boss fight is over. You can see it is not that complicated, the issue is with her constant attacks. You have to dodge a lot here, or else you will die soon. Also, be ready to press the keys at right time to absorb incoming projectiles, they will recharge the special attack.