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How To Defeat Hjalti The Stolid In God Of War Ragnarok

Here's how you can defeat Hjalti the Stolid in God of War Ragnarok.

Hjalti is one of the twelve Berserker bosses. They are the optional bosses, and on defeating them, you get unique items. Also, after defeating all the berserker bosses, including the King Berserker, you unlock the full potential of Hilt of Skofnung. Although, these bosses are tough to fight, and without a proper strategy, you will lose in no time. And to know how to defeat Hjalti the Stolid in God of War Ragnarok, this guide will help you.

How to Defeat Hjalti the Stolid in God of War Ragnarok?

Defeat Hjalti the Stolid in GOW Ragnarok

Hjalti possesses two heavy maces that can deal heavy damage on hitting. Underleveled players stand no chance against her hit. To avoid losing, we recommend you focus on the main storyline and upgrade yourself if you are below level 7. After you reach the minimum level requirement, you can fight and defeat Hjalti the Stolid in God of War Ragnarok using the strategy mentioned below


You need proper weapons to have an advantage in combat, and here is the list of weapon and their use during the fight against Hjalti.

  • Draupnir Spear, Levithan Axe, and Onslaught Shield are the weapons we recommend using.
  • When her health bar is depleted more than half, using Draupnir Spear can give you a strategic advantage.
  • Onslaught Shield Rush’s ability is beneficial in the battle to counter her attacks.
  • Levithan Axe will be very useful for the first half of the battle, where you will drain half of her health bar. Also, you can use it to parry her long-range attacks.

Apart from weapons, knowing enemy moves is essential to prepare against them during the battle too.

Moves used by Hjalti The Stolid

Defeat Hjalti in GoW Ragnarok

Here are the standard moves that Hjalti uses to attack her opponents:

  • A Blue ring will appear on the screen if Hjalti is charging. You can stop her from charging at you with the help of your shield. This will help you to Bash her and stun her for a moment, preventing her from setting.
  • Attacks shown in Yellow rings are easy to dodge and Parry if you are close enough. Countering the yellow ring attacks can deal her additional damage.
  • The most potent and most brutal attack to dodge is her ranged attack marked with Red rings. Dodge these attacks to avoid damage. Although they can be parried, it isn’t recommended because the timing and precision required to counter such attacks is essential, or you will take heavy damage on yourself.
  • After you completely deplete her health bar, press R3 to finish the fight.

On defeating her, you will get 3x Tempered Remnants, 40 x Bonded Leather, 40 x Shattered Rune, and a Grip of Nine Realms.

How to Summon Hjalti

Use the Hilt of Skofnung in the Berserker Gravestone in the Forbidden Sands region of Alfiem realm to summon her. But first, you will need to complete the Song for the Sand favor to remove the sandstorm and access the Gravestone.

That’s everything covered on how to defeat Hjalti the Stolid. Also, check out our guide to defeat, Svipdagr the Cold & Sisters of Illska in God of War Ragnarok.