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How To Defeat Hachisuka Koroku Quickly In Nioh 2

Finding hard to defeat Hachisuka Koroku, here is a an guide on how to kill him.

Hachisuka Koroku is a fierce warrior boss in Nioh 2 and his attacks are hard to predict and counter but the best thing about defeating him is the fact that you can do it in under 3 minutes if you know exactly what to do. This guide will show you how to defeat Hachisuka Koroku in Nioh 2.

How To Defeat Hachisuka Koroku In Nioh 2

Hachisuka Koroku is a great warrior who focuses more on attacks but has one fatal weakness and that is the fact that is the defense is really low. You ought to make the most of this advantage offered to you.

But before you being your Ninja mission, you will need to check up on your stats, there is only one main stat that you have to invest in and that is Constitution. This stat will give you more vitality offering you to take more damage and survive longer in the fight. Make sure that you have invested more than 70 stat points in the Constitution, the rest you can adjust as per your needs.

While Constitution is amazing on itself, you will also get a boost when using weapons like Spears, Switchglaives or Tonfas on top of this you also get a good amount of resistance to Poison and Paralysis.

Tips To Defeat Hachisuka Koroku In Nioh 2

Defeating Hachisuka Koroku can be tricky, he will use everything in his power and it can overwhelm you. Make sure that you use a spear, that way you can maintain a medium distance and still be effective.

Enchant your Spear and take on Hachisuka Koroku, he will use his Kusarigama on you if you go too far so make sure that you maintain a safe distance but don’t go away too far. As for attacking him, let him finish his attack spree, dodge or block all of those as they can be damaging.

Once you have dodged his attacks, he will stop for a second or two, use your spear to maximum effect and cause damage. The damage that you do will be great as his defenses are really low, with the added effect of enchantment, your attacks will be even better and if you do all these things perfectly, you will be able to take him down in under 4 minutes flat.

Hachisuka Koroku Drops In Nioh 2

  • The Title “Hachisuka Koroku Smasher”
  • Kawanami Clan Vest
  • Kawanami Clan Gauntlets
  • Kawanami Kusarigama
  • Kawanami Clan Greaves
  • Kawanami Clan Plated Headband
  • Earthfall Kusarigama

This is all there is to know about how to defeat Hachisuka Koroku In Nioh 2.  Check our Nioh 2 Wiki section for more boss fight guides.