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GoW Ragnarok: Beat Gryla & Destroy Her Cauldron

Here is how you can beat Gryla in God of War Ragnarok.

Gryla is a little different boss in God of War Ragnarok, sadly whom you must defeat to progress. She is the grandmother of Angrboda, who is a Giant that has lost her way. But fighting her can be confusing as your attacks will do her no damage at all. So in this guide check out how to beat Gryla in God of War Ragnarok and destroy her Cauldron.


How to Beat Gryla in God of War Ragnarok

god of war ragnarok defeat gryla and destroy cauldron

You can defeat Gryla by destroying her Cauldron in this game. You cannot do damage to her as her Cauldron is her only weakness. This fight will require you to run around a lot as she has plenty of projectile attacks in her arsenal. Here are the moves she uses in the fight:

  • Stomp: When the fight begins Gryla will pick up her Cauldron in an attempt to protect it. She will then try to Stomp Atreus. You can dodge this by just rolling away. Next shoot at the Cauldron with your bow to lower its HP.
  • Purple bombs: She will occasionally throw big purple bombs. While they are somewhat slow, the moment they touch the ground, they explode in a large area. The closer you are to one the more damage you take. So make sure you pick a side and start running to get out of its range.
  • Ground attack: After you stun and attack her Cauldron Gryla will do an attack that covers the entire ground. Make sure you climb up on either side to get out of its radius. You can see the attack is on its way by the ground turning red.
  • Homing projectiles: She throws slow-flying projectiles that come in your general direction. You can shoot and break them.
  • Triple projectiles: Similar to purple bombs Gryla will throw 3 projectiles at you. You can dodge them by running away from them.
  • Dark projectiles: Gryla charges up three projectiles and launches them in your direction. Unlike the previous bombs, these aren’t as slow. And instead of slowly arching, they come flying directly at you. You need to evade quickly just before it connects in order to dodge them.

Tips to Defeat Gryla

  • Make sure you avoid stopping your attack as much as possible. Continuously attacking builds up her Stun and will make her drop to the ground along with her Cauldron. You can then unleash all your attacks at it until she gets back up.
  • The fastest way to beat her would be to make Angrboda shoot down her candles. Gryla gets stunned for a short while if she is close to those candles when they explode. This will let you shoot at the Cauldron a lot more freely than when you are avoiding her attacks while trying to hit it.

That covers this guide on how to defeat Gryla in God of War Ragnarok and destroy her Cauldron. If you need help with more boss guides of this game then check out our GoW Ragnarok Wiki.