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How to defeat Bowser in Super Mario Galaxy?

Bowser is going to bug you multiple times in Super Mario Galaxy, here are some trips and tricks on how to beat this boss.

Bowser is not an easy boss to defeat in Super Mario Galaxy. Super Mario 3D All-Star brings back all the challenges in HD. If you are finding hard to defeat Bowser then this guide will help you. I am going to share some instant tips and strategies on how to defeat Bowser in Super Mario Galaxy.

How to win against Bowser in Super Mario Galaxy?

Bowser will be using repeated attacks in Super Mario Galaxy, if you can figure out the pattern he won’t be a big harm.

Whenever you are facing Bowser avoid his shock waves attack. Jump in the air to avoid the incoming attack. Bowser will be using shockwave regularly in the game, but as Mario, you can spin and doge it easily. This is the first thing to do, avoid getting in the range of Bowser’s shockwave attacks.

Runaway when Bowser starts shooting fireballs. This attack can drain your health to 0, it is best to run around not getting hit at all cost. You can use this attack against Bowser in Super Mario Galaxy. Run around as the balls follow you and take them towards the boss. This is a tricky move, you have to be beware the balls do not roll back towards you.

Bowser’s most powerful attack is when he transforms into a ball of spike and rolls towards you. There is no move to block this attack. Skip this at all cost, Bowser will move around in a circular direction you can easily avoid this.

Now its time for a counter-attack, when Bowser jumps in the air he will try to fall towards you. Stand over a blue spot filled with lava. When Bowser is about to land on your head run away. Bowser will land on the groundbreaking the blue glass. His tail will catch fire and he will start running around. This is your time to chase and attack him.

Hit him continuously, Bowser will not attack you until his tail is on fire. He will just try saving himself. Following the steps will help you to beat Bowser in Super Mario Galaxy.