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Deepwoken Tier List (September 2023)

Wondering which race is the best in Deepwoken? This Tier List is here to help you out.

Since there are 10 races to choose from we decided to make a Deepwoken tier list to let decide which should you reroll for. At the start, the race you pick is the one you play with for a while until you get the option to change your race. Also, considering that you there is a perma loss system for characters it can be even more of a hassle to start all over. But even though there are only 10 to choose from, things can get a bit troublesome. So here is our best races tier list for Deepwoken Verse 2.

Deepwoken Verse 2 – All Races Tier List

Deepwoken Tier List

S Tier

  • Felinor
  • Vesperian

A Tier

  • Ganymede
  • Adret

B Tier

  • Khan
  • Capra
  • Gremor

C Tier

  • Canor
  • Celtor
  • Etrean

S Tier Races Explained



Easily one of the best classes in the game. To begin with, you get 2 agility and 2 charisma with Felinor. Then due to its Nightchild passive, you also have improved stealth. But if that wasn’t enough then you can move 1.2x faster by doing parkour on wooden surfaces. And you climb trees 1.5x faster than other races. The best part is you have an 8.2% chance of rerolling this race. While it isn’t the highest but for an S-tier race this is pretty good.



In Deepwoken, one of the biggest issues that players face, is dying and permanently losing their character. But with Vesperian you get the Chitin talent. This not only adds a layer of armor on you. But every time you rest you also restore your HP. You have a 6.1% chance of getting this race.

How Deepwoken Race Tiers Work

  • S Tier: These races are the absolute best in the game. If you get them then you won’t have to worry about having to reroll them ever.
  • A Tier: These races are very strong in the game. They may not be as powerful as the ones in the S Tier but aren’t very far off. If you don’t want to risk losing them then you can pass on rerolling.
  • B Tier: When it comes to the races in B tier they are mainly useful in the early game. Their talents start falling off as you get closer to the endgame. You can reroll on them.
  • C Tier: These races are the worst in the game. If you get them then you don’t have to worry about losing anything upon rerolling. It would just mean you’d lose this race to get something better from the above options.

That does it for this Tier List of all races in Deepwoken Verse 2. If you enjoyed this list then you might also want to check out our Tier List section. Here you can not only find rankings of similar things for your favorite Roblox titles but many other games as well!