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Deepwoken – How To Escape The Depths

Died in Deepwoken and ended up in the depths? Well, you can still bring your character back by escaping the depths.

Deepwoken is a game for Roblox which uses a permanent death system. Once your character dies they enter the depths. So before you lose it all, there is a way to bring them back to life. And that way is by escaping the depths. But it won’t be easy, especially based on your power level. So in this guide let us take a look at how to escape the depths in Deepwoken.

How to Escape the Depths in Deepwoken

how to escape depths in deepwoken
Image Credit: Builderboy TV on YouTube

There are two ways to escape the depths in this game.

The legit way

Ring the bells in the city.

  1. Go to every district in the city of the drowned and look out for the humming sounds of the bells. Head to the sounds and interact with the bells to restore them.
  2. When you ring all the unrung bells you will hear a large bell, this is your cue to go to the Cathedral of the Interstice.
  3. Go to the main room where there is the elevator, pull the lever and go up.
  4. Once on top, you will have to face a trial to escape. The following are the trials that you can get based on your power level.
    • No trials: Power 1-9
    • A swordsman: Power 10-19
    • Depth angel: Power 20-29
    • A Sharko: Power 30-39
    • An Enforcer: Power 40+

Directly Escaping

This is more like a speedrunning method.

  1. Climb the top of the buildings and look for castle-like structures. You need to head there.
  2. Make sure when you are climbing and moving around guards don’t spot you. If they do then start running to lose them.
  3. Once at the top of the structure head towards the center and climb down.
  4. Go to the elevator room in the Cathedral of the Interstice.
  5. Then use the elevator to go on top and face the trial. The trials are the same as explained above.

That sums up this guide on how to escape the depths in Deepwoken. Since you are playing this game then check out our guide on Deepwoken codes. And if you like to play Roblox then don’t forget to check our other Roblox guides.