FNAF Security Breach – How To Decommission Roxy? Boss Fight Guide

Titus D'souza
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Roxanne Wolf – a.k.a Roxy – is one of FNAF Security Breach’s most fearsome villain animatronics, and you will need to decommission her during your eventual boss fight with her. This fight can be extremely tricky, as Roxy will constantly be out to get you. To make life harder, you will need to fight the Shattered version of Roxanne, making things worse. While fighting Roxanne Wolf in the FNAF Roxy boss fight can be rather tricky, we have got just the guide for you. Here, we will show you all you need to do to decommission and win against Roxy.

How to Decommission Roxy in FNAF Security Breach? Boss Fight Guide


Once you are inside the wreckage of the go-kart crash in FNAF, you will need to save your progress at a nearby save station. Upon doing so, you will find yourself heading into a fight with the Shattered, decommissioned version of Roxy. This version of her will be blind, which means she primarily relies on sound to hunt you down.

Upon beginning the boss fight with her, you need to move towards your left. When you do so, you will see Roxy ram her way right through the delicate wooden door straight ahead. You need to enter this door and then crouch-walk your way right through a gap in the wall on your left. Doing so will attract Roxy’s attention, causing her to chase after you. During her feral run, she will end up breaking yet another door. You need to take advantage of this opportunity by provoking Roxy into a looping chase.

Keep doing so until you reach the corridor ahead of you. Enter this corridor and leave by using the door to your left. Once again, you will need to crouch-walk your way through this doorway and into another hole to your left. As usual, you will soon notice Roxy breaking past yet another wooden door to get to you. You now need to get her to smash a wooden door placed in another corner of the room.

To do so, carefully make your way around Roxy and then stand right in front of the door. Make sure to be ready to slip to your left when Roxy comes charging. Once she does run towards you, move to the left and let Roxy run right through the door.

These steps will take you into the final part of the fight. This final part takes place inside a furnace. The catch here is the fact that Roxy has the freedom to move wherever she wants. You, meanwhile, will only have the ability to move around the flames. Make your way to the corner in the room. Once again, you will need to attract Roxy’s attention and get her to charge at you.

Once Roxy does run at you, you need to run around her and then head for the vent on the opposite side of the room. This will be your exit from the room, leaving Roxy to sulk in the burning room.

And that’s it. With these simple steps, you too will be able to successfully decommission and defeat Roxy in FNAF Security Breach. As you can see, getting rid of Roxy can be quite a tricky and dangerous process. However, if you manage to keep calm and strategize, you will easily be able to tackle her. A really simple strategy to use is to get Roxy to smash doors so that you get a chance to escape. With Roxy blinded, you will manage to get past her as soon as you stay quiet and avoid attracting her attention.

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