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How Deathmatch Mode Works in Valorant?

Deathmatch is a mode where after getting a specific amount of kill you win the rounds. You have infinite ammo and money.

Valorant has different game modes other than focusing on a Team vs Team match. Some modes are highly interesting packed with fun and challenges. Deathmatch is one of them, a mode where you have to kill max players in a time limit. You are not allowed to use abilities but you have infinite money and ammo. In this Valorant Deathmatch Guide, you can learn how to win matches in this mode. How to start this mode, its rules, and top strategies to win the game.

Valorant Deathmatch Walkthrough?

Deathmatch was announced to be coming right after Act 2, if you are not seeing this do not worry it will be unlocked soon. It is a competitive mode you are no longer a part of the team. Play solo to get 30 kills in the first 6 minutes is the final objective to win a Valorant Deathmatch.

It is free to all mode, which assembles players of equal ranks in one match. Each game has a 10-player six-minute match. Abilities are not allowed in this mode also you have infinite money and ammo to use. So there is no limitation at all what matters is agility. Your speed and skills determine how fast you can get max kills before the clock ends and win the crown of a pro killer.

Tips to Win in Valorant Deathmatch

Players are allowed to freely swap weapons, the team is not allowed but if you are playing with a friend you can strategically plan on making a place on the leader-board. Also during the Deathmatch lucky ones can grab heavy armor. A bonus to survive, it is important to look for the armor at all costs. You can extend your health bar with this for a short period of time.

Match Rules: 

Match begins after a 3-second respawn timer and you have an 8-second vulnerability that is canceled when you move or shoot. Remember this crucial point, in case you spawn nearby enemy do not afraid and run. You will have enough time to adjust your aim. You will respawn at a fixed spot, it does not change remembering the best spots will help you to plan your action of attack.

How to get Free Health Kit?

If you die you will drop a health pack, it can be utilized by other players to restore their health to 100%. It is smart to run behind a player with low health, kill him, and grab the health kit. Players can leave the deathmatch anytime they want, not like the regular matches where players are locked for the full match.

Reveal Hidden Enemy Location:

After every 5 seconds, the UAV Radar will reveal the location of every player on the map. If you think it is tough to locate players then no one is safe at all. This is what Valorant Deathmatch is all about. You have to plan an aggressive approach to killing whatever you see is moving. Killing one player will start a time dead-line within that time-limit you have to kill another one.

This is the only way to increase your stats in Valorant. There is no place for campers in Deathmatch, keep moving to find anyone moving and shoot. Money is unlimited so buy the best weapons. Do not stick with slow weapons like a machine gun or a shotgun. I will recommend you to go with assault rifles.

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