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Deathloop Release Date Leaked by PlayStation New Zealand

The release date of Deathloop could have been leaked. A precise release date leaked in the PlayStation Store indicates a launch of the title in May 2021.


It seems that Deathloop has a release date valid for the PS5. While Arkane Lyon and Bethesda are still keeping the date a secret, Sony began listing the title on the New Zealand version of the PlayStation Store with a release on May 20, 2021.

Of course, it should be noted that the release date of Deathloop is far from official. Since it could also be a very well placeholder for instance.

Deathloop will launch exclusively for the PS5, which is a very strange situation. Because Bethesda will soon be part of Microsoft, which will cost the company billions. The exclusivity time of Deathloop ends after a year and of course, you shouldn’t expect more deals of this kind.

While there is still a question mark behind the mentioned date, one thing is for sure: In Deathloop you slip into the role of the assassin Colt, who wakes up with a big hangover on the beach on Blackreef Island and suddenly finds himself in a deadly time loop in which he himself is involved in the repeated day over and over again. To break this time loop, Colt must take down eight targets within 24 hours.

This endeavor is not only made more difficult by the fact that the goals have to be eliminated within a day. In addition, a group is mercilessly hunting down the protagonist of the game. How the title will fare in the coming year remains to be seen.