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Death Stranding Unveils More Footage in The Drop Trailer

Death Stranding has kept mesmerizing us ever since Hideo Kojima started unveiling the trailers and gameplay footage for the upcoming game, a new trailer has been released titled “The Drop” this trailer shows what’s at stake in Death Stranding and the fact that only Sam can help change things around.

The trailer isn’t taken from gameplay footage, rather this is enhanced and resembles the same action sequence that we have seen before, but this time around we get to see Sam standing in front of a massive crater, which likely had something to do with the destruction of human life in Death Stranding.


As Death Stranding reaches near to its release date, we are getting new information but still, the game feels a bit mysterious, especially taken into consideration that this is a completely new genre unlike we’ve ever seen before.

The main focus is to reconnect humans with one another and create a link that will establish every human settlement which is scattered around.

Sam Porter Bridges’ primary focus is to deliver the packs on his back to the specified regions as well as take care of the bridge baby, Death Stranding is sure to make a huge splash when it releases.


Death Stranding is developed by Kojima Productions and is a PlayStation exclusive.