Death Stranding Patch 1.02 Available on PC, Fixes Framerate Issues

Kojima Productions and 505 Games have released a new patch of the PC version of Death Stranding, available on Steam and Epic Games Store, which among the news includes improvements to the control system.

The patch 1.02 of the new work by Hideo Kojima and companions, in fact, allows you to separately assign the keys of the keyboard to get on and off a vehicle, as well as the resolution of a bug where, after restarting the game following the change of controls, brought the latter back to how they were previously set.

The new update of Death Stranding apparently also fixes an issue where the frame rate dropped frequently using Steam inputs (possibly Valve’s dedicated controller), as well as simple stability improvements and general bug fixes.

Death Stranding Update v1.02 Patch Notes

– Key assignments for Use/Dismount Vehicle can now be set separately to “Perform Action” and “In Vehicle”. You can now set different keys for getting on and off a vehicle.
– When restarting the game after changing key assignments, some key assignments were reverted. This issue has now been fixed.
– Other stability improvements and general bug fixes are included.
– Fixed an issue where frame rate dropped when using Steam Input.

Death Stranding is now available on PC and PS4.