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Death Stranding Puts The Fate Of NPCs In The Hands Of The Players

The main focus of Death Stranding is to create a connection and as we learned that we have to build a bridge that unites all of America starting from the east coast going to the west, but not only that we also have to have a connection with some of the NPC’s in the game.

There will be NPCs who will rely on the players delivering them medicines and a failure to do will see them die in the Death Stranding, Kojima said.

“We have a character who lives deep underground. He is sick and needs medicine, and Sam can deliver it. Since this happens at the beginning of the story, this is a must. After completing this quest, the player himself chooses the following actions: you can constantly go to the old man and carry medicine; can deliver other items; You can listen to his stories from the past.

But the player is constantly moving forward and moving away from the character. And I’m sure that there are gamers who forget about this old man. And then they will remember and return to it. Since they have not carried medicine to him all this time, he will die by this moment. Through such actions, a connection arises with the character.

We really hope that the significance of the connection between people – how it is formed, how it develops – will be revealed, and it will be interesting for you to play it.”

There will be consequences and responsibilities towards players who will need to have a strong connection with the people they interact with the game, this will not let most of the things feel like they’re a one-time thing rather than that.

This will be more like a continuous thing that players will be looking out for. Death Stranding still has so many secrets and is shrouded in mystery that it becomes difficult to draw an outline of the game.

Death Stranding is developed by Kojima Productions and is scheduled to be released on November 8 exclusively on PlayStation 4.