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Death Stranding Launch Trailer Feels Like A Short Film In Itself

Just when you thought you were sort of getting a sense of what Death Stranding is, Hideo Kojima drops the Death Stranding launch trailer and it almost touches on all aspects of the game.

Death Stranding will certainly be unlike anything we’ve ever seen before, Death Stranding is about building and maintaining connections throughout the divided United Cities of America.

The launch trailer for Death Stranding heavily focuses on all the characters in the game and most certainly it shows more unseen glimpses of the game. You get to play as Sam Porter, who is a delivery man but of the future with tons of responsibilities.

The great thing about Death Stranding is the fact that you can go anywhere you can see and face all the weird monsters in the game too. Death Stranding will create a huge stir.

The trailer is almost 8 minutes long and is sort of a short film that consists of some of the highlights of the game. If you are looking forward to Death Stranding there isn’t much time left as Death Stranding is releasing on 8 November and the embargo for the reviews of the game lifts on 1 November an entire week ahead of its release.

Developed by Kojima Productions, Death Stranding is Hideo Kojima’s return to the gaming industry after splitting away from Konami.