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Death Stranding Install Size Is Less Than Expected

When it was first revealed the size and scale of Death Stranding, people were amazed at this beautiful piece of art by Hideo Kojima but there was always a lingering question of the install size of such a massive game.

Well now, it has been revealed that the install size of Death Stranding at launch will be about 55 GB, which to say is unexpected and modest considering how much attention to detail Kojima’s games have been in the past.


This install size is without the day one pass and the future DLC in consideration but it looks like a lot of it will be strategically released, but taking into consideration that Death Stranding will have a major part of America to explore especially going from one coast to another.

The multiplayer option of Death Stranding is completely optional which will give the players the benefit of wanting to have other players involved in their game or just going at it by themselves.

It is strange that the fact multiplayer is optional as the entire plot of the game is to create a strand and build connections, this decision seems like it was taken into consideration of the people who do not have an active subscription to PS Plus service.


As puzzling as Death Stranding is it will surely be epic, developed by Kojima Productions, Death Stranding will release on 8 November 2019 exclusively for the PS4.