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Dinkum: How To Deal With Bats In Deep Mine

Here's all you need on how to deal with Bats in Deep Mine in Dinkum.

Dinkum is a farm life Indie Role-Playing game that was released on Steam as an early access. The game is set in or has similar elements to what seems like the wild Australian outback. While you explore the lands, you need to collect items and resources which will help you evolve your town. Additionally, there are quite a lot of activities you will do in the game, including mining. While you go to the Deep Mine, you will find creatures like bats that will attack you and can be quite dangerous. This guide will show you how to deal with these Bats in the Deep Mine of Dinkum.

How to Deal with Bats in Deep Mine in Dinkum

Dinkum Deal with Bats in Deep Mine

Starting with the basics, if you are in the Deep Mine, you already have the Mining Pass from Fletch. You will also have equipment like the pickaxe which will help you in mining better. And while in the Deep mine, you will encounter a lot of bats. While they are mildly dangerous, they are more annoying rather than frightening.

Nevertheless, you need to deal with them before your health and energy come to an end. Since you are here, you have tried hitting them with a spear and have missed. The only thing you are missing is the jump. If you jump and use the spear simultaneously, you will be able to kill the bats. They will drop down immediately as their health is more or less a one-shot.

Additionally, if you are jumping and killing bats, you need to keep an eye on your energy. Make sure you have saved some for the task you are in the Deep Mine for. If you do not have a spear, we recommend you get the Hunting License Level 1 for 250 Permission Points from Fletch and make the spear. All you need is 1 Gum Wood Plank and 1 Tin Bar both of which are easily available.

That’s all you need on how to deal with Bats in Deep Mine in Dinkum. While you are here, make sure you check out how to use Gacha Machine, get Shiny Stone, and other Dinkum guides, tips, and tricks at Gamer Tweak.