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Deadpool Arrives In Fortnite After Teasing All Season Long

After months of leaving hints around and surprising everyone with his cameo in the trailer for Fortnite Season 2 Chapter 2, Deadpool is finally here. A new trailer shows Deadpool hanging out in his private office (The Toilet) in Fortnite.

Deadpool’s character is only available for Battle Pass users in Fortnite but this should add tons of fun as Deadpool is a worldwide known celebrity/mercenary/superhero.

While it is difficult to ascertain what role Deadpool will bring and if there will be a special event based on the costume, the game has had players find his things in the game for quite some time now.

Fortnite players have been waiting and wondering about when Deadpool might show up in Fortnite and he is finally here. Fortnite even went ahead and changed the Battle Bus and yacht to match Deadpool’s iconic colors.

The cool thing about this is the fact that you can don the Deadpool costume anytime in the game, for that you will require to complete all of his challenges beforehand.

But in classic superhero fashion, all you have to do is find a porta-potty or a phone booth and enter in to become Deadpool himself in Fortnite.

This is a neat little fun gimmick that will add to the overall experience and Epic Games have been notorious with pop culture so seeing Deadpool in the game isn’t something wild.