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Modern Warfare 2: How To Use The Dead Silence Perk?

Can’t seem to find or use the Dead Silence perk in Modern Warfare 2? Read this guide to clear all your questions!

Call of Duty returned to its much-loved Modern Warfare series with the release of MW2 in late October. Being one of the most highly anticipated COD games in recent years, it was expected to impress and bowl over its fans, which it truly did. However, its release was also marred by several issues. The Dead Silence perk being nerfed is one such issue which was brought to notice by many players. Before we step in further, let us first understand the Dead Silence perk in Modern Warfare 2.


How to Use Dead Silence in Modern Warfare 2?

Dead Silence perk in Modern Warfare 2

The Dead Silence perk enables players to temporarily silence their footsteps. While activated, players can move stealthily and can attack their enemies with melee kills.
The feature doesn’t completely omit the noise but lowers it to such an extent which is extremely difficult to pick up by most rival players. You can unlock this perk once you reach level 4. Here is how it’s used in the game.

  • Firstly, head to the Modern Warfare 2 weapons section & make sure you have ‘Dead Silence’ equipped in your loadout.
  • During a match, once the ‘Dead Silence’ bar is charged, press the L1 and R1 buttons together on your Playstation Controller to activate it.
  • On your Xbox controller, press the LB & RB buttons.
  • To use the perk on PC, simply press the ‘X’ key.
  • The ‘Dead Silence’ bar can be extended significantly by racking up more kills.
  • The same mantra can be used to recharge the bar faster!

In the latest release of Modern Warfare 2 however, the developers have turned Dead Silence into a field upgrade. One major issue pointed out by many players is the loud screeching noise from an alarm that emits while activating Dead Silence. The sound can alert nearby enemies in the vicinity thus defeating the purpose of the perk in general. The perk announces your presence rather than keeping you hidden, it is safe to say that Dead Silence has indeed been nerfed in the game.


This brings us to the end of how to get accustomed to the Dead Silence perk in the game. If you liked this guide, make sure to check out our comprehensive COD MW2 Wiki guide too.