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How to Prevent Dead Saplings in Animal Crossing New Leaf

Don't let them wither

Are your trees and shrubs dying in Animal Crossing New Leaf? Not sure why that is happening? That’s because location of your plants really matters in Animal Crossing New Leaf. Youtuber DazzaBound has made an informative video detailing the rules of planting saplings in New Leaf to ensure that they don’t wilt and die.

What Causes a Planted Sapling to Die?

If this question has been troubling you for a while and your saplings are dying, check out this guide. Find out how to prevent dead saplings.

There are a few guidelines you must follow to prevent your newly planted saplings from dying.

  • Don’t plant trees and bushes adjacent to water, rocks, cliff edges, buildings, train fence and public works projects.
  • It is not possible for trees to grow directly next to other trees.
  • Bushes can grow next to other trees and bushes. They can also be planted next to the stone paving by the Town Hall, Train Station, Re-Tail and Plaza.
  • Only twelve bushes, tree stumps and trees can be in a continuous line. The line can be vertical, horizontal or diagonal.
  • If there are fifteen trees and/or bushes in a 7 x 7 area, a bush will not grow there.
  • In a 7 x 7 area, only eight trees will grow.
  • If in a 5 x 5 area, there are already twelve bushes, a tree will not grow there.

If you see a dead sapling, it is possible that you have planted it in one of the ways given above.

Watch the video below to understand how exactly the location will affect your trees and bushes in DazzaBound’s Animal Crossing New Leaf Bush Guide.

We hope this guide solves any issues that you might be having with saplings dying in Animal Crossing New Leaf. Do you also play Animal Crossing New Horizons? We have tons of Animal Crossing New Horizons guides, so be sure to check them out as well.