Dead Island 2 Avialable For Pre-order On Microsoft Store

Finally you can visit the world where paradise meets hell

Dead Island 2 was revealed in E3 2014, almost five years ago from the time the game release was dark. Reveal trailer was impressive enough to catch everyone attention and recently a fresh update revealed the game is already available for Pre-order on Microsoft Store.

Dead Island 2 cost $59.99 for Xbox One, an official release date is December 31, 2019. The game has not yet rated, if you want to see a gameplay video then check out the video below, the same was from Gamescom 2014, but this does not mean it is the actual one. It is almost five years and there can be a ton of improvement in the final edition of Dead Island 2 coming at the end of this year.

Dead Island 2 came back into the news recently about its development progress and it concluded the game is still alive. During the reveal trailers, it was announced the game will bring new crafting abilities and seamless multiplayer options that will let players play on a single ground. However, things have been changed a lot in the past five years and we hope to Dead Island 2 keeps its promise.