Doki Doki Literature Club Plus Achievement Guide For 100% Completion

Check out this DDLC Plus achievements list which will help players get 100% game completion. Includes poem and ending trophies too.

Doki Doki Literature Club Plus has a lot of achievements and trophies (even secret ones) that you can unlock for 100% completion. But if you want to see the full list of DDLC Plus achievements all in one place and check them off one by one, this is where you will find it.

Doki Doki Literature Club Plus Achievements List (Trophy Guide)

Here are all Doki Doki Literature Club Plus achievements for completionists as well as the unlock conditions for them all. There are a total of 18 trophies you can obtain and it includes poem as well as ending achievements.

  • Start a New Game – As the name suggests, you will get this achievement as soon as you start a new game.
  • Perfect! Sayori – Unlock this by writing a perfect poem for Sayori.
  • Perfect! Natsuki – Unlock this by writing a perfect poem for Natsuki.
  • Perfect! Yuri – Unlock this by writing a perfect poem for Yuri.
  • Perfect! Monika – Unlock this by writing a perfect poem for Monika.
  • Friendship and Literature – You can get this achievement by finishing all the Side stories.
  • Breakthrough – Get 100% data collection to get this achievement/trophy.

DDLC Plus Secret Achievements Trophy guide

DDLC Plus Secret Achievements

  • Thank You – Get a Thank you letter from Monika for this achievement after finishing the game.
  • Dan says Hi – Discover Dan’s special note to unlock this one.
  • Any% WR attempts – When you write a poem in 20 seconds or less, you can unlock this achievement.
  • She will never be real – When you listen to what Monika says, that is interact with her a lot, this trophy will be unlocked.
  • Doki Doki Poetry Slam – You need to let the music loop during the poem minigame to unlock this achievement.
  • Error – When you change the Desktop wallpaper from the Pictures menu in the game, this trophy will be unlocked.
  • Kill Everyone – When you kill all your friends, you can get this secret achievement.
  • No – When you decide not to quit DDLC, you can unlock this.
  • Buy my Mixtape – Go ahead and spend 20 minutes simply listening to the music on the desktop to get this one.
  • Stonks – When your review Paula’s project plan, you can get the Stonks achievement.
  • 2-Stocked – Players need to delete Monika twice while also getting deleted zero times for this secret trophy.

With these DDLC Achievements, you will be able to experience the game fully without missing out on anything. If you need help with the game like how to unlock all side stories and more, we will be covering all about it on Gamer Tweak.