Free DC Game Shuts Down In 2 Months Since Release

Read on to know what the community thinks about this shutdown.

DC Dual Force is a digital collectible card game that was released on 18th October 2023, and now it has been announced that the game is shutting down officially at midnight Pacific Time on February 29, 2024. The game will then be removed from the Epic Games Store, Steam, and Unfortunate news, because the game was in open beta just 5 months ago.

This isn’t the first DC game with such a short lifespan. Infinite Crisis was a 2015 MOBA game based on the DC Comics universe but it was released worldwide on March 26, 2015, and shut down on August 14, 2015. Infinite Crisis was closed due to multiple reasons – the reviews weren’t great but the player base was very low too. Other MOBA games like League of Legends and DOTA were too popular to compete with and players weren’t making in-game purchases to support the game’s existence.

Why is DC Dual Force Shutting Down?

dc dual force is shutting down servers in 2024
Source: CCG Lab, Inc

No specific reason was mentioned for DC Dual Force‘s shutdown. However, the game did not have a mobile version release (where titles like Marvel Snap are successful), and some speculate that this is the reason why the game didn’t do well.

steam reviews of dc dual force
Source: Steam

DC Dual Force has mixed reviews on Steam and the review count is very low.

Players will no longer be able to make in-app purchases in this game with immediate effect, but until the servers close down, you can continue to play and use every in-game item and card you have. The developer will be refunding all purchases made on or after October 17, 2023.

Here’s the full message from the DC Dual Force Team, posted on their official website:

DC Dual Force Players,

We have made the difficult decision to close DC Dual Force. Players will no longer be able to make any in-app purchases as of today and the game server will officially be shut off on February 29, 2024. Until that date, players can continue to play, create an account, and use all their in-game items and cards.

All purchases made on or after October 17, 2023 will be refunded automatically. If you did not receive a refund by January 31st, 2024, please contact the platform that purchase was made on. Based on where players made those purchases, Epic Games Store, Steam, or an Xsolla company stated as a merchant in your purchase confirmation will make refunds to the payment method used for the purchases. If the payment method is no longer valid or past the refund period, refunds will be made to Steam wallet or Epic Games wallet. If your payment method is no longer valid for Xsolla, alternative means of refund can be discussed with [email protected].

We hope you have enjoyed playing DC Dual Force. We sincerely thank all of our players for the support you have shown us through this journey.


— The DC Dual Force Team

Community Reactions

This has been disappointing, but expected news for players. Commenting in a thread, Redditor u/TheMoonMonstar writes, “Truly sad news since this game had a lot of promise, but it did seem to struggle endlessly with development. The comics were really fun and I hope that idea gets brought into some other comic-based game somehow.”

Most others expressed similar sentiments by sharing that it’s ‘sad but not surprising’ and that it ‘makes sense’ that this happened.

u/Tremblay2568 says, “It was the buggiest card game I have played. I wanted to like it, but the game was just really poorly made. It’s too bad because I did enjoy the game mechanics.”

u/Funkytowel360 says, “Damn, I was waiting until a mobile release to play. Wanted a change to Marvel Snap so sad it’s dead so soon.

u/Phleb13 mentions, “Not a surprise at all, really weird release schedule, god awful handling of their beta, no community presence at all, and zero marketing. It’s actually a cool/fun game so this is disappointing but to be expected.”

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