New DC Comics Game Outlaws Will Be Revealed On April 26 – Rumor

4chan leak claims there is a new DC game coming up this Friday

We found two leaks that claims a new DC Comics games is coming up this Friday that is April 26, 2019. This is a new multiplayer game and there a chance that DC might announce a new Batman title also. The leak was by 4Chan user shared on Resetera forum which is a good source of game updates. However, considering this still as a rumor we found it worthy enough to share if you are keen to learn more about D Comics upcoming game Outlaws.

First, there was a marketing plan leak that claims on June 4, 2019 there will be a CG trailer launch and it will reveal Ra’s al Ghul. Next is a Gotham Trailer, that will reveal playable areas, and StarCity/Arrow Trailer. This was the part of the market plan, but we are unable to track down some concrete info on this.

DC Comics Game Outlaws Leak

The most recent rumor was on DC Comics Outlaw which is based on an image post that 4Chan user claims will be updated soon on Wbgames twitter and Instagram account. The image reveals World Premier date of Outlaws along with a Wayne Enterprises building in the background.

The Wayne Enterprises building can be seen in the background. There is an Epic trademark, most likely because of Unreal Engine 4 being used, but we all know what this means for the PC release – Source.

Source: Reset Era

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