Days Gone Wraps Up the Development Of the Game Ahead Of Launch

Prasad More
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Upcoming PS4 exclusive Days Gone has revealed that they have wrapped up the development of the game and is ready to start shipping the game. The open world action-horror game is based in a world infested by zombies and you have to survive with other humans while helping in growing back the community.

The team sent out a tweet today commemorating going gold with an image attached of various people who have worked on this title.

Publisher Bend Studio is hoping to bring something new to the zombie apocalype genre as many games have tried to leave their own imprint in the same category.

The story follows the lead character Deacon St. John, cruising around on his motorbike from one settlement to the other while bashing through zombies. The gameplay looks a bit like the film Zombieland but without all the jokes and characters.

Bend games went from releasing handheld game to a full narrative console game and this will only encourage the developers to try and push more games in the future if this one is received well by the audiences.

If Days Gone creates a cult following like what The Last Of Us achieved a while ago, it will propel the game and the studio behind it to the forefront of the industry. Here’s hoping that it does achieve something just as good.

Days Gone will be released on 26th of April and will be a PS4 exclusive title.


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