Days Gone Will Not Have Difficulty Settings – Game Director

We give too much away for free by having a easy mode - Game Director Jeff Ross

Days Gone will not have any kind of difficulty settings it will be by default set on hard mode. Lead character Deacon St. John will progress by completing various missions that will reward him strong weapons, characteristics, and explosives to survive. It will be tough for any new players to pass through a few beginning levels, but as you progress it will become more and more exciting.

Days Gone’s Creative Director John Garvin and Game Director Jeff Ross joined Game Informer’s Ben Hanson in a walkthrough of Days Gone that reveals first few hours of gameplay and tells other important details about the game.

Ben Hanson asked about Days Gone difficulty settings and Jeff replied the game will not have any kind of modes in it. At the start Deacon St. John will be weak because of lack of good weapons and upgrades. His health and stamina will drain faster, but as he progresses, crafts and completes mission he will become stronger.

The game itself is already pretty hard. We are just focusing on getting in that valve in because it’s not very good when it’s easy. It’s way more exciting games that’s a lot of fun and kind of speaks to the apocalypse by being a challenge. We give too much away for free by having an easy mode – Game Director Jeff Ross

By not having a difficulty mode put everyone in one shoe. The game has tons of things to do, and it looks Sony is pretty serious about setting the mood even for everyone.

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