Days Gone Update Has Just Been Released With New Modes And Features

Check out the new free content that has been released by Days Gone developers, it includes plenty challenges and if you thought that the game was pretty darn tough before, get ready for tougher enemies and freakers.

You also get a ton of customizable options in this, the new update is about 12GB in size and with that, you can now customize your jackets and get more badges. You can also get more rings for Deacon which will give a boost to attributes like Nitros etc.

The new update has been dropped with a video which you can check above, this update also gives you the option of customizing your trusty bike further. There’s a ton of new things that you can now do with this update.

There is a survival mode now which will let you test out your freaking killing ability to the max. A lot of details will be explained once you jump into the game.

There will be a leaderboard which will track how you progress in the game which will be carried out in the 12 weeks that come, after which the leaderboard will reflect the best player.

The challenges have begun as of right now, so make sure you get Deacon some new threads and rings.

Days Gone is a PS4 exclusive and was appreciated by fans and critics alike, check out our guides for Days Gone which will help you in the game.