Days Gone Will Get New DLC After Launch, Freakers Ears Are In-Game Currency

Developer confirms new DLC, fresh new content is on the way

Talking to a Game GamerBraves, David Lee Community Manager of Bend Studio for Days Gone was sharing some valuable insights on the upcoming survival game. Answering various question Lee hinted about Days Gone upcoming future DLC. He clearly said the game will be getting post-launch DLC but he restrained from sharing any concrete info on what it will be.

Almost every leading AAA game gets a DLC for story expansion or addition of something new in the game giving player a reason to revisit the title one more time. Days Gone is all set to release next month April 26, 2019, the PS4 exclusive survival horror game takes us into the world of freakers a kind of zombies who are a little aware about their surroundings.

Lee also shared they will more aggressive in cold region, and if you came in between a horde of 300 there is no way to escape. Collecting their ears will help you to upgrade, it’s the in-game currency of Days Gone. This means freakers hunting will be a vital part of gameplay, you are not just there to escape or kill them, and instead you will kill to collect items from their body for upgrades. Check the full interview below.

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