Days Gone Brings A New Timed Challenge “Ambush Camp Rush”

Bend Studios surprised everyone with Days Gone as they view on this zombie apocalypse game was fresh and innovative, now after the successful launch of the game, Days Gone’s fourth free challenge map is out now.

The new challenge titled, “Ambush Camp Rush” is a part of the main with a bit of added difficulty. Now you have to race against the clock as you will be timed and there are plenty sub-objectives that you will have to complete in the given time.

The timer will also let you compete against your friends to see who emerges on top and adds more competitiveness to a story-driven game.

This certainly adds to the tension of the game and uplifts the challenge in front of you, Days Gone has always been one of the well-liked games by critics and audiences and constant updates and challenges the game manages to still keep a hold of their audiences.

You will have to make sure that you spot out all the traps laid out in the camp, as they will certainly add another dimension to this already incredible challenge.

Let us know what you think about Days Gone and this challenge, Days Gone developed by Bend Studios is available for the PS4.