Days Gone 2 Reportedly Rejected by Sony

According to current reports, Sony Bend is said to have approached Sony Interactive Entertainment in 2019 with the intention of developing Days Gone 2. With the decision to reject the successor, the publisher is said to have annoyed the developers of Sony Bend and occasionally even provoked resignations.

Even if Days Gone, published in April 2019, had to struggle with various bugs at the time of release, which had a negative impact on the fun of the game and thus also on the international ratings, the bottom line was that the title developed into a commercial success.

According to a current report from Bloomberg, the developers responsible at Sony Bend Studios approached Sony Interactive Entertainment in the same year to present the publisher with a pitch for a successor. As reported by Bloomberg, citing sources familiar with the situation, Sony Interactive Entertainment is said to have rejected a possible Days Gone 2 and thus caused unrest at Sony Bend.

Because instead of giving the green light to the development of a Days Gone 2, Sony Interactive Entertainment decided to order a team from Sony Bend to help Naughty Dog with a multiplayer title. The other team at Sony Bend, on the other hand, was supposed to be working on an unspecified Uncharted game under the supervision of Naughty Dog. Orders that apparently pissed off the developers at Sony Bend.

Some employees, including leading figures, were anything but happy with this development and therefore decided to leave Sony Bend. The developers at Bend apparently feared they might be absorbed by Naughty Dog. Therefore, the management of Sony Bend asked Sony Interactive Entertainment to be withdrawn from the said Uncharted project.

Last month, Sony Interactive Entertainment is said to have finally complied with this request. Since then, Sony Bend has been working on a new project, but Bloomberg could not or would not give any specific details. The full report on the subject, which has not yet been commented on by Sony Bend or Sony Interactive Entertainment, can be found here.