Days Gone To Get Total 12 Free DLC By Sep 2019, Includes Bike Challenge Mode

Unlimited Horde Wave, Bike Challenge, Special Item and More coming up

Days Gone Developer had announced free content after the launch of the game among which Survival mode is already live and a new DLC is in the process to hit the game. A Free Arcade Mode of Days Gone put you back in the shoes of Deacon who will face an unlimited wave of zombie hordes. According to IGN Japan, there are total 12 DLC coming to Days Gone and all will be unfolded over 12 weeks until September 2019.

The latest DLC is Days Gone Challenge mode, where you will fight a relentless horde within a time limit. They will keep on coming up, current weapons in Deacon’s arsenal will be the only gear which also includes explosives like pipe bombs. Keep killing to get max score and also increase the time to stay in the fight. By defeating a wave you can add some seconds to the clock and continue to get scores.

Another DLC leaked by the source will be coming on July 5 where Deacon will be tracking field robbers starting only with a boot knife. This sounds similar to the very first mission of Days Gone after Deacon drops his brother Boozer to the camp he found some suspicious moment that leads him to a guarded camp, where he unlocks more weapons.

A third DLC will be based on bike challenge, called DrifterLan, it will come on July 12, 2019. In this mode Deacon will be on his bike to find medical items, he has to reach the destination as soon as possible to complete the mission. Finally, a dedicated Bike Mission sounds interesting. IGN Japan had also shared interesting screenshots of new Days Gone DLC content and a special which looks like some kind of ammo. You can check out all the images below and for more info click the source link.

With overall Twelve free DLC, Days Gone will be loaded with fresh challenges till September 2019, we will keep revealing more details on the same with time.

Source: IGN Japan