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Destiny 2 Dawning Cookie Recipes 2021 – Holiday Oven

Here are all Destiny 2 Dawning Holiday Oven Cookie Recipes to bake.

Dawning is a biyearly winter festival event held in Destiny 2. This year the event is held from 14th December to 4th January. So you have a limited to collect all the exclusive gifts and bake cookies in the game. To bake Cookies you will need the Eva’s Holiday Oven can respective ingredients. If you are planning to complete all the cookies available in the Dawning before time runs out, then don’t worry we got your back. We will also show you how to collect how the ingredients needed for Cookie recipes. So here are all Destiny 2 Dawning Holiday Oven Cookie Recipes to bake them right away.

All Destiny 2 Dawning Cookie Recipes for Eva’s Holiday Oven (2021)

All Destiny 2 Dawning Cookie Recipes for Eva's Holiday Oven

Here are all the Destiny 2 Dawning Cookie Recipes for Eva’s Holiday Oven 2.1 (2021):

  • Gjallardoodles – Ether Cane + Delicious Explosion (for Zavala)
  • Traveler Donut Holes – Cabal Oil + Flash of Inspiration (for Ikora Rey)
  • Chocolate Ship Cookies – Cabal Oil + Null Taste (for Amanda Holliday)
  • Telemetry Tapioca – Vex Milk + Bullet Spray (for Banshee-44)
  • Eliksni Birdseed – Ether Cane + Personal Touch (for Suraya Hawthorne)
  • Gentleman’s Shortbread – Ether Cane + Perfect Taste (for Devrim Kay)
  • Infinite Forest Cake – Vex Milk + Impossible Heat (for Failsafe)
  • Ascendant Oatmeal Raisin Cookies – Chitin Powder + Finishing Touch (for Eris Morn)
  • Vanilla Blades – Cabal Oil + Sharp Flavor (for Lord Shaxx)
  • Dark Chocolate Motes – Taken Butter + Null Taste (for The Drifter)
  • Candy Dead Ghosts – Dark Ether Cane + Flash of Inspiration (for Spider)
  • Ill-Fortune Cookies – Dark Ether Cane + Impossible Heat (for Petra Venj)
  • Strange Cookies – Taken Butter + Electric Flavor (for Xûr)
  • Thousand-Layer Cookie – Taken Butter + Delicious Explosion (for Riven)
  • Lavender Ribbon Cookies – Vex Milk + Personal Touch (for Saint-14)
  • Classic Butter Cookies – Taken Butter + Superb Texture (for Eva Levante)
  • Bright-Dusted Snowballs – Chitin Powder + Multifaceted Flavors (for Tess Everis)
  • Blueberry Crumblers – Ether Cane + Bullet Spray (for Shaw Han)
  • Etheric Coldsnaps – Chitin Powder + Electric Flavor (for Variks the Loyal)
  • Bittersweet Biscotti – Dark Ether Cane + Balanced Flavors (for The Crow)
  • Burnt Edge Transits – Combining all any other ingredients (for Master Rahool)

How to Get Destiny 2 Dawning Uncommon & Rare Ingredients?

How to Get Destiny 2 Dawning Uncommon & Rare Ingredients

  • Cabal Oil – Collect from Cabal enemies (Uncommon)
  • Chitin Powder – Collect from Hive enemies (Uncommon)
  • Dark Ether Cane – Collect from Scorn enemies (Uncommon)
  • Ether Cane – Collect from Fallen enemies (Uncommon)
  • Taken Butter – Collect from Taken enemies (Uncommon)
  • Vex Milk – Collect from Vex enemies (Uncommon)
  • Balanced Flavors – Kill enemies using Scout Rifles, Sniper Rifles, Pulse Rifles, & Combat Bows (Rare)
  • Bullet Spray – Kill enemies using Submachine Guns, Auto Rifles, & Machine Guns (Rare)
  • Delicious Explosion – Kill enemies using Grenades, Rocket Launchers, & Grenade Launchers (Rare)
  • Electric Flavor – Kill enemies using Arc weapons or abilities (Rare)
  • Essence of Dawning – Performing various activities in “The Dawning” event (Rare)
  • Finishing Touch – Kill enemies using Finishers (Rare)
  • Flash of Inspiration – Generate Orbs of Light (Rare)
  • Impossible Heat – Kill enemies using Solar weapons or abilities (Rare)
  • Multifaceted Flavors – Multi kills (Rare)
  • Null Taste – Kill enemies using Void weapons or abilities (Rare)
  • Perfect Taste – Kill enemies using Precision Damage (Rare)
  • Personal Touch – Kill enemies using Melee (Rare)
  • Pinch of Light – Collect Orbs of Light (Rare)
  • Sharp Flavor – Kill enemies using Swords (Rare)
  • Superb Texture – Kill enemies using Supers (Rare)

Dawning Eva’s Holiday Oven Location

Destiny 2 Dawning Eva's Holiday Oven Location

Here’s where to find Eva’s Holiday Oven and start the Dawning cookie baking:

  1. Start Destiny 2
  2. Open up your “Map” screen
  3. Move over to the “Destinations” tab
  4. On the left-hand side, you can see the active quests
  5. Click on the button mentioned near it (E for PC)
  6. You will find the quest “The Dawning” here
  7. Now you can select “The Tower” destination
  8. You will see the “The Dawning” quest on Tower Courtyard
  9. Travel to Courtyard
  10. You will find event vendor “Eva Levante” here
  11. Approach her to start the quest
  12. Now you will get Eva’s Holiday Oven 2.1
  13. Now you can start making cookies as per the recipes

That’s everything you need to know about all Destiny 2 Dawning Holiday Oven Cookie Recipes to bake them right away. While you are here, make sure to check out more about the Dawning event in our Destiny 2 Guides.