Dauntless Troubleshooting Guide – Fix Common Connectivity Errors

Fix common issues like downloads, check server status, connectivity problems, etc

If you are facing connectivity issue with Dauntless then in this Dauntless Troubleshooting guide you can learn about the most common fixes to resolve the issue associated with internet connectivity. Dauntless requires an active internet connection to play, also you have to link your Epic Games account with Dauntless account. We have a dedicated guide on that, check the link at the end of this guide. For common issues with an internet connection and others read the steps below.

Dauntless Troubleshooting Guide

How To Check Dauntless Server Status

  • If you are unable to connect and play Dauntless and your internet is working fine then first verify Dauntless Server Status. Click here to visit status.playdauntless.com. It will show you details on Chat, Game Servers, Login, Matchmaking, Social, Store, and Website.

Common Fixes To resolve Dauntless Connectivity Errors:

  • Turn off any download on the internet connection.
  • Verify your internet connection using the ping command in cmd to see if it is stable or not. Just launch cmd and type ping google.com -t and see if you are getting a regular response. If there is request timeout error contact your ISP.
  • Switch from Wi-fi connection to Lan wired internet connection.
  • Verify if the game is blocked by Firewall. On Windows PC search Windows Firewall and from the left click on Allow a program or feature through Windows Firewall. You can add Dauntless to avoid
  • Firewall from blocking it.
  • If there is no issue with the Firewall, then verify whether your Antivirus is not blocking Dauntless.
  • Verify the Router firewall if any.
  • Check Ports: For Dauntless: TCP/UDP 9000-9100 for the game, TCP 5269, 5280, 5290. For chat – 5222-5223.
  • If nothing works then add and as DNS to check once. You can do this from Control Panel > Network and Internet > Network and Sharing Center > Change Adapter Settings > Right click on Network Adapter > Properties. Go in Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) > Properties. At the bottom, click remove the tick from Obtain DNS server address automatically and add and

We will update more issues in this as soon as we found more, till the time these are the most common solutions you can try to resolve Dauntless connectivity errors.