Dauntless OB 0.8.0 Full Patch Logs – Find What Is New And Major Changes

Read the full patch log, OB 0.8.0 has some important fixes

Dauntless OB 0.8.0 Patch logs reveal all new things we will see along with balance changes, known issues and more. Below you can check full patch log officially updated on playduantless.com and visit the source site for more info. OB 0.8.0 is out on May 21, 2019 for PS4, Xbox One and PC. It brings the true cross-play support on Dauntless, it also improves character creator and many improvements. Dauntless OB 0.8.0 is also an important update for upcoming third dye region.

Dauntless OB 0.8.0 Patch Logs

What Is New?

  1. True cross-play – Slayers can now play Dauntless with friends regardless of which platform they use. You can also use your Epic Games account to access your progress on any system.
  2. Character creator rework – Improvements to the character creator mean that Slayers can now create more attractive characters and explore more options when styling (or restyling) their in-game representative. Slayers now also have the option to randomize their appearance.
  3. Traversal changes – We’ve reworked locomotion, traversal, movement speed, and camera positions to make movement in Dauntless feel much more fluid. This change includes a number of tweaks to stamina costs (e.g. for sprinting, jumping), adjustments to run speed, and all-new animations for mantling. In Ramsgate, we’ve pulled the camera back a bit to give you some breathing room as you run around the city. What else? Slayers will no longer roll forward when they hit the ground after a heavy landing. This should help players who found themselves unintentionally rolling off of islands. The animation you see when you change directions should feel more responsive, too. Finally, Slayers should now walk over small bumps instead of trying to climb them. Hit up our Reddit (/r/dauntless) to let us know how these changes feel!
  4. Support-A-Creator – Players can now choose a creator to support when they make qualifying purchases in Dauntless. Look for the Support a Creator button in the in-game store! If you don’t know your favorite creator’s Tag, you can search the full list at – Support A Creator.
  5. Elemental rework – A new element – Terra – has been added to the aetheric spectrum, bringing balance to frost, blaze, and shock aether. Koshai, Kharabak, and Skarn have adopted this new element and have developed new strengths and weaknesses to match. Be sure to check their info before you dive into a hunt! We’ve also added new visual and audio effects for Terra Behemoths and their gear. And speaking of gear: New Terra Orbs and Terra Patrols have been added to your mats and maps. You may also see some changes on gear related to this verdant element. As a final bonus, elemental relationships are now more predictable! Look for opposing pairs of frost/blaze, terra/shock, and umbral/radiant.
  6. New alternate weapon specials. Axe and repeaters users can now unlock alternate specials! Look for Grim Onslaught (axe) and Full-Bore Chamber (Ostian repeaters) as you climb the Mastery ranks for each weapon. If you’ve already passed their unlock level, you’ll receive them when you log in on May 21.
  7. Mastery rewards view – Slayers can now check their earned and upcoming Mastery rewards without leaving the game! Look for the Rewards button on the Mastery screen.
  8. New Hunt Pass – he Hidden Blades Hunt Pass begins with OB 0.8.0. Celebrate the Moon Blossom Festival with 50 levels of assassin-themed rewards, including emotes, weapon skins, dyes, and more. See the full list of rewards at Hunt Pass.
  9. Improved store – This patch delivers a new store that loads quicker, works better, and allows players to preview items before purchasing them. Try it out by selecting a dye trio, weapon skin, or another visual store item. You’ll also be able to preview items inside of the Hunt Pass!
  10. New store packs – Two new packs have been added to the store. Pick up the Arcslayer Pack for a full set of cosmetic armor, a lantern skin, platinum, and more, or go for the Timely Arrival Pack to get a brand-new arrival emote and essential supplies. You can view both packs (and all of their inclusions) in the store. (Go to Main Menu > Loadout > Transmog to apply any weapon, armour, or lantern skins you’ve earned.)
  11. Dye rework. Dyes are getting a major update! Look for new categories, new names, and new ways to earn dyes. This patch also lays the groundwork for an upcoming third dye region. Read all about it in the Dye Changes Blog.


  • Reduced the amount of time it takes to cook cells at the Middleman. This should help Slayers better plan their cooks.
    • Cook +1: 24 hrs –> 22 hrs
    • Cook +2: 48 hrs –> 46 hrs
    • Cook +3: 72 hrs –> 70 hrs
  • The core breaker will no longer display a rotating core to Slayers who have none.
  • Fixed a bug that caused a green ring to show around locked cell cooking slots.
  • Smoothed out the axe catch animation for Slayers who like to use it while running.
  • Fixed some typos and improved some descriptions. Let us know if you run into any other confusing ones.
  • Tweaked the unlock locations for some items in the quest flow. Result: Slayers should no longer unlock gear that they can’t actually craft. We’ve also added a couple of quests to teach new players about weapon mods and alternate specials.
  • Boreus ice shield VFX will no longer persist after the aether state ends.
  • Purchasing a banner fabric through the Personality menu will now unlock that fabric immediately. You no longer need to exit and re-enter the menu to see it in its unlocked state.
  • Improved overall server performance.
  • Polished Stormclaw shock VFX.
  • Fixed a rare bug where the combo list would not close after the close button was pressed.
  • Improved frost debuff VFX on Behemoths. It should now be much easier to tell when you’ve frozen a Behemoth.
  • Tweaked some quest requirements to smooth out progression. Slayers should hit fewer hard “walls” when going through their quests.
  • Slayers no longer have to complete a non-essential quest in order to unlock Riftstalker hunts.
  • Toned down the hammer’s Aetherslam impact VFX to reduce visual noise for other players.
  • Added a new in-game notification that lets players know when a new game version is available to download. This should limit confusion during zero downtime (silent) deploys.
  • Reworked aether vent VFX to show exactly how many uses are left. This should help Slayers keep tabs on how many sips are left in the floor keg.
  • Added a new notification that lets Slayers know if they tried and failed to join a full party. (This used to fail silently.)
  • Fixed some bugs that caused unpleasant overlap on 16:10 monitors.
  • Fixed a bug where objectives could show up multiple times on the End of Hunt screen.
  • Fixed a bug where a Riftstalker could go temporarily invisible after finishing its murder palace attack. Ouch.
  • Slayers can now see other party members’ debuffs – if they can help alleviate them. Keep an eye out for Frozen and Swarmed icons.
  • Fixed a bug where the Kharabaxe special effect wouldn’t trigger when using the vertical ripper combo finisher.
  • Fixed a bug where a Skarn could regenerate armour on flee, even if it didn’t have time to burrow.
  • Polished Nayzaga shock VFX.
  • Fixed a bug where Slayers using the Ostian repeaters wouldn’t get pulled towards Skarn’s whirling fortress attack.
  • Improved client performance across Ramsgate and the Shattered Isles.
  • Players will now get a much clearer message when trying to change gear or appearance mid-hunt.
  • Jumping into a Rockfall Skarn’s whirling fortress attack could cause the player to fly off to Neverland.
  • Axe charge attacks will now correctly generate meter when Slayers run out of stamina.
  • Slayers will now crumple to the ground when downed by Wound damage.
  • Fixed a bug where Riftstalker Mastery objectives would only register progress on its Heroic variant.
  • Fixed a bug where weapon VFX could linger on the left repeater.
  • The repeaters’ Marksman Chamber will no longer incorrectly boost damage against Skarns’ rock armour.
  • The Nayzaga’s Scythe will now correctly proc heals off all perfectly-charged vertical attacks – not just the first one.
  • Overcharging the axe (going past the third “bump”) will no longer cause you to deal greatly decreased damage. Instead, this attack will deal damage equivalent to a single charge.
  • Lantern instant and held abilities can no longer be used while frozen.
  • Valomyr weapon tooltips now clearly communicate that the weapons charge faster the higher your health is.
  • Fixed a bug where players using Cruel Riftstrike (chain blades special) could get stuck in a state where they couldn’t attack if they spammed their special and primary attacks at the same time.
  • Fixed some ledges where Slayers could get stuck and revisited several aether jets that could (and would) shoot players off the map. Stuck? Use “Help, I’m Stuck!” from the Main Menu to get unstuck from things you’re stuck to.
  • Improved shock aether audio and did a thorough polish pass on Stormclaws’ audio effects. The Stormclaw lightning curse debuff now sounds much more aggressive when chasing down Slayers.
  • The hammer’s Aetherslam now correctly generates lantern meter.
  • The axe’s Flight of Ruin recall now correctly factors in Energized bonuses when generating meter.
  • Fixed a bug that let the Bombing Run consumable bypass shields.
  • Fixed a bug where the chain blades’ secondary dodge attack could get cancelled early and fail to deal damage.
  • The Message of the Day (MOTD) will now correctly pop up once per play session instead of every time you load into Ramsgate. It has also been updated with a new image size.
  • Fixed a bug where the hammer clip would appear off-center in the UI.
  • Fixed a bug where the completion criteria for Stagger and Interrupt Hunt Pass challenges was three (3) instead of the intended 30.
  • Fixed a bug where Hunt Pass gatherables in Ramsgate would sometimes be invisible.
  • Improved performance in Hellion fights.
  • The sword’s Ardent Cyclone now starts dealing damage on the warmup portion of its animation instead of waiting until it reaches full spin.
  • Weighted Crown (hammer mod) will no longer reduce Stagger damage against parts that are particularly vulnerable to stagger (such as Kharabak heads).
  • Updated the war pike’s movelist with instructions for the pike charge attack.
  • Fixed an issue where Cruel Riftstrike’s (chain blades special) camera rotation would continue after the move was complete, cancelling out player camera movement.
  • Fixed an issue where Cruel Riftstrike’s camera rotation wouldn’t complete when jumping over a large Behemoth
  • Re-opened The Hunger’s many eyes. Abre los ojos.
  • Changed the old Recruit’s Mask into a transmog-only item, as it can no longer be obtained through questing.
  • Updated emote icons to make them more readable.
  • Slayers can now access the Hunt Pass from the Main Menu! Prefer to talk to Gregario? He’ll continue to help you out as well.
  • Slayers with unclaimed Hunt Pass rewards will now get a reminder to pick them up.
  • Slayers who loot an exotic blueprint they already own will now get a +2 cell instead of … nothing.
  • Rezakiri and Shrowd kill quest will now reward a random exotic recipe! If a Slayer already owns all of the exotic blueprints, they’ll receive a gold core instead.
  • Retuned all crafting recipes to require fewer orbs and more gems.
  • Halved the number of orbs, arcstones, and other shared materials required to upgrade armour pieces.
  • Increased the number of Daily Patrol Bonuses earned per day from one (1) to two (2).
  • Increased the Daily Patrol Bonus cap from three (3) to six (6).
  • Fixed a bug where some hammer charges didn’t support all six (6) ammo shells.
  • Fixed a bug where Store music and Hunt Pass music would sometimes overlap.
  • Fixed a bug where chat messages from blocked users could still be seen in chat.
  • Fixed a bug where Koshai tail projectiles might not spawn in sloped areas.
  • Fixed an issue where the chain blades’ secondary attack and combo finisher had their damage windows set up incorrectly. These attacks should now land more consistently and do more damage when they land.
  • Fixed a bug where a Valomyr’s beams could go through its body shield while enraged.
  • Slayers can now reset their characters from the in-game Options menu. Character resets cannot be reversed, so think carefully before you do this!
  • Fixed an issue with Savage Wellspring (war pike special) where using the ability while it was already active could cause subsequent specials to fail.
  • War pike users can now combo out of a sprint attack (as intended).
  • Fixed a bug where the Mastery Objective “Defeat Heroic Valomyr while taking less than 100 damage” could be unlocked by a Slayer taking more than 100 damage.
  • Fixed a bug where resetting your character could remove Hunt Pass banner plants and/or Ostian repeaters transmogs.
  • Replaced all compass and NPC icons with new, more readable art.
  • Slayers will see a new animation when using a tonic or flask in a hunt. It’s 0.2 seconds faster!
  • Fixed an issue with Flight of Ruin (axe special) where reactivating immediately after the move could cause axe projectiles to linger indefinitely.
  • Flight of Ruin (axe special) will no longer leave phantom axe VFX in its wake.
  • Fixed a bug where items in the Personality menu were missing their names.
  • Reworked the airship lobby info panel to better communicate Behemoth strengths and weaknesses. Players can also see how their currently-equipped gear compares to the hunt’s difficulty.
  • Replaced Kat’s intro scene and city VO. It should now fit better with the new progression flow.
  • Slayers now have the option to mute themselves without also muting everyone else. Look for the toggle at the top of the Social menu. Lurker mode: Engaged.
  • Listen for a new sound effect when gathering Hunt Pass items in Ramsgate.
  • Fixed a bug where The Skullforge’s fire VFX would persist when talking to NPCs.
  • Quests that ask Slayers to gather items or collect break parts will now trigger a “!” on map screen. This should help you figure out where to go in order to complete those quests.
  • Fixed a bug where gear would sometimes display base-level stats when viewed on the Airship. You should now see the correct (upgraded) stats.
  • The repeaters’ Salvo Chamber projectiles should no longer remain suspended in midair after hitting a target.
  • Behemoths will no longer get stuck in trees or on cliffs when fleeing. Looking at you, Shrike.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed Slayers to equip a second barrel in the repeaters’ mod slot if they did not yet own a weapon mod. Nice try.
  • Reduced download size for the base installation of Dauntless.
  • Fixed a bug where Slayers could briefly appear unclothed if their armour hadn’t loaded in.


  • The repeaters’ Captain’s Grip now grants 20% attack speed (up from 15%). It no longer grants increased damage. In addition, the effect now lasts 15 seconds (up from 12 seconds).
  • The repeaters’ Captain’s Grip no longer buffs downed players.
  • Slayers can now use hammers to break Skraev and Shrike tails. These parts have also been made more distinct from their bodies and should be easier to target.
  • Molten Edict will now earn aethercharged ammo when performing its unique finisher. It can also charge its standing blast to empower long-range fireballs.
  • Increased Molten Edict’s rolling lava ball damage to 170 (up from 135).
  • Reduced damage and stagger bonuses based on hammer ammo quality. Ammo now scales at 1.0 for normal ammo (down from 1.25) and 1.75 for aethercharged ammo (down 2.0).
  • Reduced base damage on the hammer’s Aetherslam. It now does 175 per explosion (down from 200 per explosion).
  • Extended the input windows on axe and hammer combos to give Slayers a little more time to complete their combos.
  • The Godhand now only deals damage to the first part it hits (instead of splitting damage between parts in a line).
  • Using high-quality ammo no longer causes the Godhand beam animation to end early.
  • Updated the Godhand’s description to better explain the way its damage scales.
  • Flight of Ruin (axe special) now generates meter for each hit done by the thrown axe’s damage.
  • Flight of Ruin (axe special) now starts its cooldown when thrown, instead of when caught
  • Fixed an issue where the axe’s Primary-Primary-Secondary(held) sequence failed to reset the axe’s charge level, causing it to deal less damage than intended.
  • Increased the axe’s Vertical Ripper attack damage to 325 (up from 250).
  • Increased the axe’s Primary-Primary-Primary(held) damage for each level of Determination.
    • Determination Level 0: 300 damage (up from 250)
    • Determination Level 1: 400 damage (up from 350)
    • Determination Level 2: 600 damage (up from 450)
    • Determination Level 3: 800 damage (up from 600)
    • Overcharged: 600 damage (up from 450)
  • Increased the axe’s Primary-Primary-Secondary(held) sequence damage to 800 at Determination Level 3 (up from 700).
  • Elemental weapon damage is increased (+10%) and grants more weapon power against Behemoths weak to that element.
  • Elemental weapon damage is decreased (-10%) and grants less weapon power against Behemoths strong against that element.
  • Moved Heroic Koshai to an earlier point in quest progression, and removed The Conquering Thorn quest.
  • Reduced Heroic Koshai’s threat level to 16 (down from 17).
  • Reduced Heroic Koshai’s power level to 500 (down from 550).
  • Increased all non-Lesser Behemoths’ health by 10%. I feel my power returning.
  • Added Rezakiri, Shrowd, Scorchstone Hellion, Deadeye Quillshot, Frostback Pangar, Shockjaw Nayzaga, and Koshai to the Heroic+ patrol queue. Each one has a threat level of 17 and a power level of 550.
  • Added a new “One Self-Revive” modifier to all hunts in the Heroic+ patrol queue.
  • The axe’s Flight of Ruin no longer deducts 50% Determination when a Slayer whiffs on the recall attack.
  • Increased Shockjaw Nayzaga base health to 32,000 (up from 30,000).
  • Added terra AoE damage to Kharabak slam attacks.


  • Fixed a bug where the dodging the first swing of Koshai’s tail swipe would make you immune to the second swing.
  • Increased the number of vine patches allowed on the field by three (3). I had shins once.
  • Increased vine pod health to 1200 (up from 900).
  • Koshai’s antler gore now applies the Wounded debuff when used in its aethercharged state.
  • Adjusted the timing on Koshai’s rage entry AoE attack.
  • Resized and repositioned Koshai’s leap slam AoE. It should now do a better job of targeting and hitting Slayers. Sorry. Kind of.
  • Reduced the frequency at which Koshai would walk backwards away from the Slayers.
  • Reduced the amount of time Koshai spends underground when executing a burrow attack.


  • Drask Lantern instant ability: Damage bonus reduced to 30% (down from 40%).
  • Drask Lantern held ability: Damage reduced to 150 per area-of-effect attack (down from 200).
  • Embermane Lantern held ability: Damage increased to 850 (up from 750).
  • Skarn Lantern instant ability: Shield duration increased to 6 seconds (up from 4 seconds).
  • Skarn Lantern held ability: Damage increased to 900 over 10 seconds (up from 720 over 12 seconds); Slightly increased area of effect
  • Koshai Lantern held ability: Damage increased to 750 (up from 650)
  • Skarn and Koshai lanterns now deal Terra damage
  • All Lantern area-of-effect attacks have had the maximum number of Behemoth parts they can hit reduced. (Example: Embermane Lantern now splits its total damage between the three closest Behemoth parts in range, instead of all Behemoth parts in range.) This should reduce VFX spam (e.g. damage numbers, VFX, sound effects) and increase the consistency with which elemental damage is applied.
    • Each of the Drask Lantern’s AoE attacks now hits a maximum of one (1) target.
    • Embermane, Koshai, Skarn Lantern AoE attacks now hit a maximum of three (3) targets.
    • The Pangar Lantern’s AoE attack now hits a maximum of five (5) targets.
    • Lanterns that now hit fewer targets will do more elemental damage per target, balancing overall elemental damage.
  • Updated several lantern descriptions so that the phrase “all nearby Behemoths” is now “nearby enemies.” This is shorter and more accurate.


  • Ragehunter: Damage reduced to 5/10/15/20/30/40% (down from 5/10/20/30/40/50%)
  • Aetheric Attunement: Lantern charge reduced to 10/15/20/30/40/50% (down from 10/20/30/42/54/66%)
  • Overpower: Damage values adjusted to 15/20/25/40/55/70% (from the previous 10/15/25/40/60/80%)
  • Iceborne: Lifesteal at ranks 4, 5, and 6 reduced to 4/6/8% (down from 5/9/13%)


  • Slayers do not receive the Plunge dye when completing Wils’ “Aether Orbs” quest.
  • Players may get stuck in a loading screen if their purchase fails in the store or on the Hunt Pass screen.
  • The “I Need a Hero” quest automatically completes as soon as it’s acquired. This is a temporary fix for a progression-blocking bug and will be fully repaired later on.
  • Slayers get stuck while aiming the Godhand. They will be unstuck in OB 0.8.1.
  • In the airship, changes made to weapon parts do not always save correctly.
  • Reloading the game can cause incorrect dyes to show on transmogged items that use default dye colours.
  • “Skip Matchmaking” and “Cancel Matchmaking” do not work as intended.

Source: Playdauntless.com