Dauntless Grading System Guide – How The Ratings Work?

Hunters grades are based on performance in battle

Dauntless Grading system can be confusing sometimes, every hunter has a rank or a rating on the basis of his/her performance. When you start playing the game you are ranked as E which is the lowest rank in Dauntless and progress later on depending on how well you fought in the battle. In this Dauntless Grading system guide, I will try to highlight the important aspects of achieving high grades and how the rating system defines the type of players you are.

How the Dauntless Grading System Works

As usual, when you start playing as a beginner you will be on the lowest rank which is E. The grades changes to D or higher depending on the performance. S++ is the highest grade in the game which defines the players is best in causing damage and low on taking damage. The core of earning high grade is simple, it is based on the build you are equipped and the highest amount of damage you can cause + the lowest damage you take.

Dauntless Grading system and the scoring systems are one and the same. It is necessary to dodge attacks whenever possible, at the end of the game you will see your grade. So a combination of attacks + defensive moves like dodging plays a vital role in improving your overall rank. Low damage means low death, you die less while killing a behemoth compared to other players.

E, D, S or S+ are the stands ranks you will earn in Dauntless, just focus on causing more and more damage and take the lowest possible by dodging well on time. Certain moves like attacking the head and destroying the behemoth instantly can also put you on a good grade list.

Also, remember ranking does not affect the overall gameplay, you will enjoy it on lower or higher ranks, but there are chances of getting better items when you are a high ranking player. But that is not 100% accurate, mostly grading is just allow you to position yourself well on the leaderboard, otherwise, it does not have a very high impact on the gameplay.

Tips to earn good grades in Dauntless:

  • Try a solo hunt, this will not be easy. You can give a try to test your strength.
  • Test all the weapons, this will help you to learn about their high and low points.
  • Learn about behemoths weakness, so that you can pick the right weapon.
  • Certain exotic armors deliver shields and boost damage, this also contributes to high grades.
  • Always restock your items before going on a hunt.
  • In the battle don’t be an aggressive player, dodge attacks first and find a window to attack.